How to prepare a convincing pitch

28. March 2017 At 12.00
Date and time
Tuesday, 28. March 2017
12.00 - 0.00 CEST

Prepare your dream pitch

Immediately get feedback and advice firsthand 

Avoid the traps that Matej saw in hundreds of presentations 

Why participate?

Prepare and pitch Matej

Do you know that scary feeling you get as you are about to pitch in front of a wider audience? Or in front of potential investors? In each case, good preparation plays an important role in how you will do. As you pitch at home in front of a mirror, you can fix many details. However, a mirror cannot give you feedback.

Do your homework and take advantage of the opportunity to pitch Matej! The best way to perfect a pitch is to start preparing it at the right time and practice it often.
Visit our pitch master and learn how to control the stage!

Get feedback and tips immediately  
After hearing your pitch, Matej will evaluate the whole situation. Depending on how good the presentation was, he might ask you to further explain your business model and main target group. After that, he will gladly give you feedback and tips. You will find out what was good and what you have to improve. You will learn how to perform with a clear and direct presentation and how to effectively your product and business model.

Avoid the traps that Matej saw in hundreds of presentations
Matej met and helped many startups set business models and create investor pitches, in his successful career. He has extensive experience with startups that presented in front of the committees of P2, SK75, and SK200 of the Slovenian entrepreneurship fund. He visited many big startup events in Slovenia and abroad, and hosted a few of them. Let him share his experiences with you and help you avoid common traps. 

After the event, we will also present opportunities that are available to you within the Digitrans project (digital transformation in the Danube region), which works on digital transformation in companies. The digital revolution doesn’t only influence production activities but also other sectors, such as services and trade. The goal of this project is to encourage small and medium-sized companies to define and apply their own digital business model.

Who is Matej Golob?

Matej Golob is transforming established organizations into lean and agile innovation leaders, while also playing important role in regional startup ecosystem and programs - thus well positioned to bridge the two worlds. Balancing motivational and hard-driving cycles, he guides startup teams through treacherous waters full of untested assumptions toward product-market fit and scaling. Managing partner of CorpoHub, diligent connector, TED-ster and insatiable learner, currently half way through 7 marathons on 7 continents challenge.

What do you need to participate?

  • You have to understand your unfair advantage.
  • You have to know why it is important for your customers or potential investors. 
  • Prepare at least one version of your pitch. 
  • Established company that is not older than 5 years.


Fill out the application below, and send the first version of your 5 minute pitch to, by 26.3.2017 at 12.00 pm.

The organizer will choose max. 8 companies, that will participate in the pitch training. After the training there will be a presentation in front of a comission, that will judge your progress and choose the best one.



  • Tickets for the PODIM conference for the core team members.
  • 50 hours of individual consultation of experts from different areas (based on the needs of startups)

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