HardwareSTART MEETUP with Anže Miklavec - EQUA

29. January 2020 At 16.45
Date and time
Wednesday, 29. January 2020
16.45 - 20.00 CEST


Gabrsko 12

1420 Trbovlje


Come to HardwareSTART Meetup with Anže Miklavec, one of the most successful young Slovenian entrepreneurs and learn about the challenges and opportunities of developing a hardware company. Anže has tested countless ideas in his 8-year career, produced quite a few prototypes, set up mass production of products such as Goat Mug, Gina and the well-known (smart) water bottle EQUA!


Over the years, he has managed to build a team of 40 employees and a multi-million dollar company operating in the global market.


Come to the gathering at Katapult for a closer look at the following aspects of hardware company development:

  • obtaining funding sources,
  • branding,
  • setting up the story for easier marketing,
  • how to deal with wholesale of a physical product,
  • finding good employees to expand the team,
  • solving problems that occur when developing a physical product.


The organizers of the meeting are Katapult, DEWESoft and Zavod mladi podjetnik, while the meeting is part of the Slovene Enterprise Fund's Startup Plus Programme.




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