HardwareSTART International Conference

12. November 2021 At 8.30
Online dogodek in V ŽIVO v Katapultu (Trbovlje)
Date and time
Friday, 12. November 2021
8.30 - 18.00 CEST
Online dogodek in V ŽIVO v Katapultu (Trbovlje)

Are you developing a product in the field of hardware? On November 12, do not miss the all-day international HardwareSTART conference, with entrepreneurs from TOP hardware companies, who will share their knowledge and first hand experience. 


Join (live or virtually) dr. Jure Knez from Dewesoft, Mihael Gornik from Katapult, Jaka Klemenčič from EKWB and many others at the free conference!


Who is the HardwareSTART conference for?

The conference is intended for hardware startups as well as mature hardware companies, research organizations, companies that work with hardware companies in terms of technical support, support environments for entrepreneurship and all hardware enthusiasts.



What do you gain by attending the conference?

n order to increase the chance of success of a physical product development, quite a few different factors are needed. From a good idea, good analysis of the market and competition, to the production of a technically advanced product that needs to be thoroughly tested. For all of this, it is necessary to gain knowledge and first hand experience. And you can get it all at the all-day HardwareSTART conference with the greatest hardware experts!


Who will be at the event?

  • Borut Borštnik, The Young Entrepreneur Institute
  • Mihael Gornik, Katapult
  • Vid Selič, Dewesoft
  • dr. Jure Knez, Dewesoft
  • Primož Zelenšek, Chipolo
  • Dr. Maša Jazbec Mikkel, DDT Lab
  • Kristina Kočet, Tiko pro
  • Jaka Klemenčič, EKWB
  • George Deriso, ZDA, University of Colorado Boulder
  • Townsend Wardlaw, ZDA
  • Jure Zupanek, Matej Artnak, Zojo


Thanks to the Slovene Enterpise Fund, the Startup Plus program and other partners, participation in the event is free, but registration is mandatory. Click here for more information.


About the HardwareSTART project

Hardware startups are often have it worse than other companies due to their small size, ignorance of the industry and business inexperience. Startups in this industry also face high entry costs. In order to help start-up hardware companies, the consortium of partners Katapult d.o.o., DEWEsoft d.o.o. and the Young Entrepreneur Institute, so.p., within the program "Design and implementation of a vertical acceleration program for recipients of financial incentives of the Fund in the hardware industry in 2019", created the  HardwareSTART accelerator.


The following activities are performed within the HardwareSTART accelerator:

  • all-day conference about hardware;
  • two hardware stakeholder meetings;
  • a one-day hardware education program;
  • individual mentoring for hardware startups.


You can read more about HardwareSTART here

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