Focus from Home - Organize Your Time

23. June 2021 At 14.00
Online dogodek
Date and time
Wednesday, 23. June 2021
14.00 - 17.00 CEST
Online dogodek

Are you interested in how to organize your time in today's different ways of living and working?


The workshop will focus on content and techniques that are crucial in today’s uncertain times.



  • Who are the disruptors of today's time and how do we stop being the main “disruptor” of others and ourselves?
  • What is deep attention and how can it help while working from home?
  • How to make a schedule according to focal intervals?
  • How to effectively finish our tasks and not postpone them? 
  • How to choose priorities and determine their order?
  • What are the practices of a good work-life balance and how can we maintain high work motivation or i.e. elan vital?
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