Entrepreneurial Wednesday: SME Instrument – options for grants

21. January 2015 At 10.00
Date and time
Wednesday, 21. January 2015
10.00 - 0.00 CEST
Are you one of those development companies that looks for resources for its innovation projects on tenders as well? If you answered YES then this is an excellent opportunity for you to learn about the conditions and the possibility of registering your project for the European tender of “SME Instrument”.

The tender for innovation projects of small and medium-sized companies “SME Instrument” will open in the year 2015 as part of the programme Horizon 2020. The tender is interesting for small and medium-sized companies, mostly because each individual company has the possibility to obtain up to 2.5 million euros of resources.

Within this tender, companies can acquire co-financing for doing economic and technical research on the feasibility of the innovative idea as well as for preparing a risk estimate, doing market research, finding partners (phase 1: 50,000 EUR of co-financing). If a company’s innovative idea is more developed, it can candidate for the approval of co-financing resources for demonstration activity, testing, pilots, prototypes… (phase 2: up to 2,500,000 EUR of co-financing).

At this entrepreneurial Wednesday, Damjan Struna, MSc, consultant for non-refundable funds in the company RR & CO Ltd. will tell you how to orient yourself around a bunch of documents, which facts should the decision to apply be based on, which criteria decides the success of the application and how to tackle such a project.
  • Location: Technology park Ljubljana, building B, ground floor, conference room
  • Duration of the workshop: from 10:00 to 13:00 o’clock
  • About the lecturer: Damjan Struna, MSc, an experienced independent consultant for non-refundable funds in the company RR & CO Ltd., has a lot of experience with preparing projects for national and international tenders, the evaluation of project ideas and financial controls, writing articles and leading seminars and workshops (in Slovenia, Finland, Croatia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Serbia and Macedonia) on the topic of obtaining non-refundable funds, and financially and administratively leading projects, especially for Slovenian SMEs. He is devoting himself to research in the field of project management of international research and development projects. As part of the team of experts of RR & CO. Ltd. he has also been a part of different international projects. Besides all this, he is also an evaluator at SPIRIT Slovenia.
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