Email and SEO Marketing for Sales Growth

29. November 2021 At 12.00
Date and time
Monday, 29. November 2021
12.00 - 15.00 CEST


Whether you're into the classics or the trends, one thing is clear - email marketing is your most powerful tool for communicating with your customers, and good old SEO optimisation is the one that picks the right people out of the millions of Google search users and directs them to your website.

When you successfully link and optimise these two systems, magic happens! But how do you get more and more visitors to your website? And do it organically? What should be the optimal conversion rate for your website? How do you organise the technical and content optimisation of your website and get backlinks? And last but not least, how to convert the acquired visitors into e-mail subscribers and communicate with them successfully, so that they do not run away from our e-mail list after 10 e-mails?


Come to a workshop with one of the most renowned online marketing experts in Slovenia, Peter Mesarec. He has been involved in online marketing for more than 15 years, and has already worked on it as a client, business owner and as an agency.

See what he will teach you and BEWARE! He will review a website of one the participants (live) and give tips on how to improve SEO optimization.




What will we teach you?

  • The importance and power of SEO optimisation,

    how to improve on-site and off-site optimization,

    how to get external links that will help Google rank your website better,

    basic and advanced metrics for monitoring website performance and email marketing (how to use UTMs and why Open and Click Rate are not enough),

    how to use your website and other channels to acquire email addresses,

    when and how to segment the e-mail database,

    tried and tested tricks to increase Click-Through Rate and purchases,

    the most common mistakes companies make in e-mail marketing and SEO optimisation and how you can avoid them.


12:00 – 15:00 E-mail and SEO marketing for sales growth


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