Digital Marketing Trends 2020

8. May 2020 At 14.30
NLB Center inovativnega podjetništva
Date and time
Friday, 8. May 2020
14.30 - 19.30 CEST

NLB Center inovativnega podjetništva

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1000 Ljubljana

NLB Center inovativnega podjetništva

For the third time in a row, Zavod Mladi podjetnik invites you to a conference, which will provide you with ideas and tips for dealing with online competition in 2020, with the help of the most successful Slovenian online advertisers and their numerous good practices. It will provide you with advanced techniques and useful tricks in key areas of digital marketing - from web analytics and social networks to mobile marketing, sales funnel optimization and customer experience enhancements. 


The effectiveness of all digital channels is sharply declining, and the online business winners are the ones who constantly innovate, refine their online appearance, add online sales channels and optimize their sales funnels. Successful online campaigns require specialization and a high level of knowledge about the field.


In addition, the online ecosystem, including digital marketing, is one of the most dynamic and turbulent industries. Unfortunately, the strategies and tactics used by SMEs a year ago are no longer working today.


If you want to achieve double-digit sales growth in your business in 2020, apply to the conference.


Find out more about the event here.



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