Cure Curiosity Session

24. February 2021 At 21.00
Date and time
Wednesday, 24. February 2021
21.00 - 22.00 CEST

Aplikacija Clubhouse


Satisfy your curiosity with Cure Curiosity!


Maribor entrepreneurs Tadej Muršič and Simon Sovič are hosting a series of talks called Cure Curiosity on the popular application Clubhouse.


This week, they will put Matt Miller, co-founder of ustwo ™, ustwo games and Dice fm, in front of the microphone.


This is a very special occasion, as Mills rarely gives interviews, though the demand for them is high. The last time he stepped in front of a microphone was a few years ago.


Matt, Tadej and Simon will be talking about:

  • "Succaliure" (Success + Failure),
  • Ustwo "Fampany" (Family + Company),
  • creating an environment where games like Monument Valley can thrive, personal growth, and
  • transitioning to mentoring, supporting, investing and learning.

The talk will take place on Wednesday, February 24, at 9 p.m., on the Clubhouse app.

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