Cooperation of the big and startups

18. April 2017 At 19.05
Date and time
Tuesday, 18. April 2017
19.05 - 0.00 CEST
The world of startups and the world of "Big players" seemed mutually exclusive until recently, however, in recent times there is a trend where big well-established companies want to co-operate with startups. In this way,  they want to increase their innovation activities and keep the leading position on the market. From partnerships like this, startups usually gain sales channels and international markets, common PR and "co-branding". Both will get advantages from these kinds of partnerships. 

Are you interested in knowing what these benefits are, how small and big companies cooperate, how to establish the first contact and who can help you with this? 

At this  Start:up  Müsli, we will host Jernej Močnik from Nova KBM, that will present the arguments of the big for cooperating with startups and Luka Topolovec from EqualEyes, as a representative of a startup, that is successfully partnering with Nova KBM. 

Do you also wish to cooperate with the big companies? Then you cannot miss Tuesday's meeting. 

After the event, we will also present opportunities that are available to you within the Digitrans project (digital transformation in the Danube region), which works on digital transformation in companies. The digital revolution doesn’t only influence production activities but also other sectors, such as services and trade. The goal of this project is to encourage small and medium-sized companies to define and apply their own digital business model.
After the official part, there will be an informal networking. 

Who is Jernej Močnik?

Jernej Močnik has a degree in economics and spent several years gaining experience in the international group Raiffeisen before starting his job in Nova KBM, where he is now the director of Corporate business. His long and dynamic workdays are marked by ambitious business goals, but he is trying to also have some time for his family and an escape into nature, either in his hometown of Šmarje pri Jelšah or anywhere else where he can recharge his batteries. Basketball has held a special place amongst sports that are dear to him, both as a hobby and as part of the Basketball Association of Slovenia.

Who is Luka Topolovec?

Co-founder of EqualEyes. A fan of films and books. Dog lover. By heart and skills a hacker, so he is an excellent manager of jobs among the team, not only what someone should do, but primarily how he should do it so that the output is high quality, fast and cost-effective. Empathic and socially intelligent, so the co-founders recognized him as the right person to communicate with customers. He recognized that startups like  EqualEyes can cooperate and help develop big companies. He is also the co-creator of the deal with Nova KBM.


19:05 | Cooperation of the big and startups
21:05 | Unformal startup networking 



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