Conference Future 4.0

27. November 2018 At 8.30
Date and time
Tuesday, 27. November 2018
8.30 - 0.00 CEST
SAŠA incubator presents a new dimension of the event where start-ups meet corporations. The main objective of Future 4.0 is to directly connect as many corporations (10+), educational institutions and start-ups from the Balkan region (100+), which are in any way related to innovation that is or could be interesting for industry 4.0. The goal is to start building a community around industry 4.0, which would be followed by at least three Industry 4.0 Meetups (totaling 4 events per year).
The first day of the conference will be devoted primarily to the exchange of good practices, and the second day to 1:1 meetings. Organisers invited top corporations from Slovenia (Gorenje, Kolektor, BSH, Plastika Skaza, Premogovnik Velenje, ...) which have a vision to build products beyond the limitations and see the opportunity for development in cooperation with start-ups. On the other hand, their goal is to give start-ups the opportunity to expand.
The Future 4.0 conference will host international keynote speakers in the field of innovation, IOT and industry.
Izvedba: Mojdenar IT d.o.o.