Campus Party 2016

25. May 2016 At 20.00
Date and time
Wednesday, 25. May 2016
20.00 - 0.00 CEST

Come to Campus Party, the biggest global tech festival coming to Utrecht, Netherlands, this year. From 25 to 29 May, the Jaarbeurs Utrecht will fill up with students, tech enthusiasts, innovators and geeks.

You will have the opportunity to meet the latest technologies as well as challenged to dream up solutions to some of the most pressing problems of our near and distant future. And all that in a 24/7 festival environment! If you use the special promotional code STSL25CPEU2016, you get the ticket for as little as 25 € (instead of the original 165 euros)! The purchase includes a 5-day top programme and sleeping tent (but not food). The code is valid until 15 May.
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