Basics for a data-driven start-up company

11. November 2014 At 15.00
Date and time
Tuesday, 11. November 2014
15.00 - 0.00 CEST
At the lecture with the workshop, you will learn how to “arm” your start-up company with analytical data, indicators of success and metrics, and become a so-called data-driven start-up. The advantage of knowing key data and analytics is that you can make tactical and strategic decisions for your product and start-up not only on the basis of intuition and assumptions, but rather on the basis of collected analytical data.

Everything necessary in order to become a data-driven start-up

At the lecture with the workshop, you will learn:
  • why you should build data and analytics into your product and start-up,
  • which benefits you can expect – cost/benefits,
  • which are the steps to transformation into a data-driven start-up,
  • what to measure, how to measure,
  • possible traps of measuring,
  • get-keep-grow, AARRR metrics models,
  • cohorts and other key concepts,
  • tools for measurements,
  • data modelling and forecast models,
  • concrete examples,
  • how to include data in everyday decision-making.

Who is the workshop meant for?

The workshop and the lecture are intended for all those who are only starting a start-up as well as those who already have one. Simon will also gave specific advice and help based on your own cases, so you should prepare particular questions about your own products.

About Simon

Simon Belak is a hacker, philosopher and theatre director. He is the co-founder of the start-up school Hekovnik and the transmedia editor for the critical newspaper Tribuna. He has 12 years of experience with software development, especially in the field of artificial intelligence.   
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