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The Biggest Brain & Vision Hackathon in Budapest, 8 and 9 October. Register now!

8. oktober at 9:00 - InterContinental Budapest

The World’s Largest Brain Hackathon will take place in Budapest, Hungary, on 8 and 9 October! IEE connected with Silicon Valley and Central Europe to jointly create new technologies. Just think of everything that could be developed with quality information about the brain and the eyes.

We are on the lookout for automotive enthusiasts, brain and eye hackers, product designers, and programming ninjas – in short, everyone who wishes to improve their products with neuro-technology. You don’t have to be a neuro-professional, you can learn at the event. Which is free, on top of it all. Application deadline is 2 October!
The whole article is published in Slovenian at: http://startup.si/sl-si/dogodek/161/najvecji-brain-vision-hackathon-v-budimpesti-8-in-9-oktobra-prijavite-se-. If you want additional information about this event, please write to us at info@startup.si.


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Stanislava Vabšek
Start:up Slovenia eng
T: +38631707204

Start:up Slovenia eng
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