1:1 mentoring event of the accelerator Go:Global Slovenia

12. December 2014 At 10.00
Date and time
Friday, 12. December 2014
10.00 - 0.00 CEST
Do you have a young innovative globally-oriented company and a bunch of everyday challenges? You are invited to the 7th traditional 1:1 mentoring event of the accelerator Go:Global Slovenia, where mentors and successful entrepreneurs will individually give you advice on how to avoid key mistakes on your entrepreneurial path – a path they have already walked themselves.

Join us on Friday, December 12th 2014, from 10 o’clock onwards in Technology Park Ljubljana (Tehnološki park 19, ground floor of the B building). The number of places is limited, the application deadline is December 10th 2014! The purpose of the event is to connect fledgling entrepreneurs with renowned mentors and entrepreneurs who can help them solve specific challenges in business and breakthrough to the global markets.



10:00 – 11:00 Roundtable on the topic of: Inner workings of equity financing, especially business angels and venture capital funds, and how to get to “smart” money, through the eyes of practitioners.

Experienced and interesting guests from both the investor as well as entrepreneurial side will talk about what this sort of financing even is, for whom it is the most appropriate, how to approach the matter, who to talk to and what the entire investment cycle looks like. And also about “realistic” company valuations, investor sharks, how smart actually is smart money and who is smarter, the investor or the entrepreneur, how much “real” investors there are in Slovenia and a lot more, without mincing matters, in one hour.

The following will participate in the talk: 
Damjan Obal, entrepreneur, start-up Edgar – at the beginning of 2014, he had obtained 50,000 EUR from the Bulgarian accelerator, pivoted his business model in the middle of the year; he is currently searching for bigger rounds for which he already has some leads – from amongst others also in Eleven and angel investors. He will talk about how active searching of “smart” money looks like behind the curtain through the eyes of an entrepreneur who has “proof-of-market” in this field.
Matej Penca, investor, Horizonte Venture Management – An elder of Slovenian venture capitalists, an investment manager in the oldest Austrian venture capital fund, active since 1994. Amongst other things, he will talk about how he thinks and feels as a VC investor when he’s deciding on providing capital for technological companies with incredible potential for profitable fast global growth, and what an entrepreneur has to be like to grab his attention.

Mladen DakićCOINVEST, leader of investment conferences COINVEST PACINNO and Balkan Venture Forum – COINVEST Edition

11:00 – 11:30 coffee and croissant break

11:30 – 13:00 1:1 mentoring

At the beginning, the chosen start-up companies will have time to do a presentation of their companies and the challenges they are currently facing as well as what mentor support they need. Then we will carry out 3 series of 30-minute mentoring discussions. By preparing a matrix, it will be ensured that you will be able to meet as many mentors as possible in each series, according to the challenges and goals you had presented.

In the application form, you should, as precisely as possible, define the development stage of your company, the challenges you are facing, the markets you wish to expand to, the areas in which you need help, etc. It’s only like this that we will able to find you a suitable mentor who will give you good advice. 

Contact persons for additional information and possible questions:
Vera Nunić, TP Lj, vera.nunic@tp-lj.si 
Kristina Ober, TP Lj, kristina.ober@tp-lj.si 

The event is carried out as part of the European project ACCELMED (Acceleration for Mediterranean companies), co-financed by the European programme Mediteran. Within the project, chosen entrepreneurs were able to pitch their business ideas at ACCELMED’s international investment forums.
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