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Business Angels of Slovenia

The Business angels of Slovenia was found in 2007 and is the first and biggest club of angel investors in Slovenia. It is the focal point connecting ambitious entrepreneurs, who are in the early stages of company growth and the most successful businessmen in Slovenia.
Members of the club are businessmen with a high level of integrity, extensive experience, rich social capital(e.g. “smart money”) and the willingness to assist a fast-growing startup company with expansion and development.

Status: group of entrepreneurs and companies
Invested in: Eurosender, Optiprint, Symvaro, Facility, Zenodys, Kripto, Nizkocenovci, Acies Bio, OOG, Acies Bio, B12, DoubleRecall, MountVacation, British Scholl, Versor


Fil Rouge Capital (FRC) is a private investment company with a base in Ljubljana, Slovenia. FRC invests in early stage businesses from angel investment, seed, VC and Series A rounds through a combination of equity and debt structures. FRC’s approach is to target investments that complement the skills and experience of its Founders so that they can bring more than just capital to help a business grow. Both FRC’s Founders have a core knowledge of technology, services, and an entrepreneurial history that they can bring to the benefit of an investment. Fil Rouge Capital is financed by the Founders and a group of private individuals all of whom share the same entrepreneurial approach and a desire to help early stage businesses grow. FRC is Europe-centric, with additional focus on Central and Eastern Europe, Austria and Southern Germany. 

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Silicon Gardens Fund

Since 2010, Silicon Gardens has been uniting some of the successful Slovenian high-tech companies and individuals who share common values of open communication, mutual help and modern views on entrepreneurship. In 2014, an angel seed capital fund started working under the wing of Silicon Gardens, helping them support Slovenian start-up stories.

Status: a group of start-up entrepreneurs and companies, seed venture capital fund
Invested in: SqwizPovioFlaviarGetta.proSphericamEurosender

PRVI SKLAD, venture capital company, Ltd.

RSG Capital is a venture-capital management company. Its mission is to fill the equity gap or the lack of financial resources faced by companies in the early stages of their development. RSG Capital's team is highly experienced and possesses broad complementary knowledge, which has enabled the company to establish itself as a competent and reliable partner to start-up companies, and as an important factor in stimulating business and the development of venture capital markets in the region.

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Invested in: CeltraEfosShoutEmConnetDegordianTMG-BMCMountVacationTAB Systems,  Efos, Interaktivni studio, Marg UK

DTK MURKA, venture capital company, Ltd.

DTK Murka, venture capital company, Ltd. was founded in 2010 with the purpose of investing venture capital and the so called quasi-equity capital into the target micro-, small and medium sized companies (SMEs).
The company carries out the investments of venture capital in accordance with the investment policy while adhering to certain investment limitations.


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META INGENIUM, venture capital company, Ltd.

Meta Ingenium Ltd. is a newly founded venture capital fund searching for innovative companies with high potential for growth. The fund is investing into companies in the early stages of development, growth and expansion: it targets companies that are displaying a dedicated and balanced team as well as a leading position on the market.
META Ingenium provides equity investments into companies, while at the same time encouraging their growth and internationalization in the following rounds of financing. The fund, which has 10 million euros at its disposal, is searching for investment opportunities in Slovenia as well as abroad: up to 30 % of the fund’s resources can be invested into companies outside Slovenia.


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Invested in: MyBaze S.P. z.o.o., Folx TV, Oculus, Tresor, Eurotravel

STH VENTURES, venture capital company, Ltd.

STH Ventures, venture capital firm, Ltd. is a venture capital fund founded by the company S.T. Hammer Ltd. in 2010. The entire resources of the fund amount to a little more than 7 million euros.
Investments of the fund STH Ventures are focused on small- and medium-sized companies in Slovenia and the region, with long-term development potential. They are looking for ambitious entrepreneurs who want quick growth and are targeting the global market. They also focus on projects that contribute to ecological sustainability and reducing the burden on the environment. Their investment policy is primarily focused on companies that have mostly finished the development of their product/service and are ready to enter the market but need capital to do so.

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Invested in: Visionect, BioETA, Plasmait Project