Geneio for faster DNA analyses
The Geneio system is a global novelty for simplifying, automatizing and accelerating DNA lab analyses for the purposes of molecular diagnostics. It reduces the time needed for the biological technique qPCR (Real Time Polymerase Chain Reaction) for 40 %.

About the innovative system Geneio

Geneio is designed for molecular diagnostics laboratories that use the biological technique qPCR on a daily basis. qPCR is an important technique in medicine (markers of cancer and genetic diseases, determining pathogens), food safety (microorganisms in food, water, determining genetically changed organisms), pharmacy, farming and other industries. It is the golden standard in the field of DNA detection and quantification, which also enables DNA identification of offenders on crime scenes, discovering infections with viruses in the blood, diagnosing diseases, determining the effectiveness of medicinal products etc.
Five simple steps of the Geneio system, from start of the qPCR experiment to final results, relieves lab experts from a routine and time-consuming work. 
Geneio relieves the highly qualified employees of routine and time-consuming work. By using Geneio, laboratories can optimize and standardize the qPCR procedure, and thus make more qPCR analyses in the same period of time and reduce operating costs.
Because of its simplicity and compatibility with the existing systems in laboratories, Geneio connects the so far unconnected workflow of the qPCR procedure. It enables full traceability of all data and users, and helps laboratories achieve greater efficiency, especially in complex experiments with a large number of samples. Geneio allows new laboratories to efficiently set up the qPCR workflow from the very start.

The problem, use value and competitive advantage 

Although qPCR has become an indispensable technology in many laboratories, it is still facing serious problems of reproducibility and reliability of the results. There is no standardized approach for the preparation, optimization and validation of qPCR between laboratories, while laboratory staff is facing a big problem with very complex software solutions and user interfaces, which are quite difficult to use and not compatible with each other. Therefore, more than 75% of qPCR technology users still have a high education level (PhD or even higher). All these factors affect the very complex and costly implementation of qPCR technology in laboratories.
Geneio connects the entire qPCR procedure in five simple steps, enables automated preparation of experiments and result analysis, and communicates with qPCR instruments. This consequently shortens the time required for obtaining final qPCR results in diagnostic laboratories for up to 40 %. All this is in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 17025 and the requirements of quality control.
Geneio is also very interesting for qPCR equipment manufacturers, since is the first product in the market that solves the problems that arise from complex user interfaces and un-harmonised and non-standardized approach. This often leads to errors, incorrect results and need to re-execute entire experiments, which is a big problem when it comes to medical diagnostics, forensics and other branches of molecular diagnostics.

About the innovative product PlatR

PlatR is a reliable solution for simple manual pipetting, developed to be easy to use and suitable for every lab which uses microtiter plates. The main value added of the system is that PlatR controls the complex coordination between the wells on the plate. The user does not need to spend a lot of energy and concentration to remember where to apply the next sample, which means he can pipette several plates in the same day with the same efficiency.
PlatR for simple and reliable manual pipetting.
PlatR reduces the number of errors and allows easy pipetting even after several full plates. This has a direct impact on the quality of results and overall productivity in the laboratory. PlatR is compatible with the Geneio system and is a great tool that optimizes the qPCR workflow in the laboratory and significantly facilitates pipetting on the qPCR plate.

The problem, use value and competitive advantage

PlatR was designed to be easy to use. One simple demonstration is usually enough for most people to start using PlatR without problems. The main advantages of PlatR are:
  • Increased productivity of lab staff
  • Simple use
  • Possibility of pipetting more plates in one day
  • Lower pipetting error rates.
  • On average, the cost of 3-4 discarded 384-well plates in the lab (reagents, consumables and personnel costs included) equals the price of 1 PlatR.

Target customers

Laboratories using qPCR and other molecular diagnostic laboratories using microtiter plates.

References for the Geneio system

"I am happy to say that the concept of the GENEIO® software is an excellent one and that it addresses a crucial parameter in the diagnostic qPCR workflow. The software is very flexible, responsive and provides extensive information on quality control that then feeds into the results interpretation. Hence it addresses the key issues that determine how accurate a diagnostic result is likely to be."
By Stephen A. Bustin, MIQE Author & Global qPCR Expert
"Benefits of using Geneio are: automatic import of sample data, faster and more efficient experiment setup, automatically generated calculations (chemicals, mixtures, recipes, and dilutions), automatic data analysis and results interpretation, traceability of all actions and standardised way of work among all users (i.e. members)."
National institute of biology, Ljubljana, Slovenia
''The Geneio software is an interesting step forward in the qPCR diagnostics procedure. After the initial set-up of experiments, the workflow became very easy and quick. On the other hand, the software still enables modifications of the set-up and analysis, which is very important in everyday diagnostics.”
Institute of Microbiology and Immunology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

References for PlatR

 "I told my boss - if we get PlatR for our lab - I'll start pipetting 384 well plates again. Gladly. So now we have it." 
B.B, Roche Diagnostics Germany
"I will never pipet 384 well plates without PlatR again. I am much more relaxed and can easily pipett four full 384 well plates in one day. Before, I hardly filled out one plate and in the end I always noticed some mistakes. Now, I'm pipetting without errors."
U.C., NIB, Slovenia


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