Konhiša Marin Ribač s.p.

Founded in 2008, the company plans and sells living containers, the architecture of which is designed in a way that ensures a living quality comparable to a classic residential building. The team consists of three economists and an architecture student, and is under the idea leadership of an award winning architect Jure Kotnik. Their product Konhiša is a modular house that makes it possible for us to implement a whole palette of different spatial solutions in a single day.

A special emphasis is given to a rationally designed floor plan, materials used, good room lightning and individualisation of the outside of the housing unit. Modular units can make up a diverse architectural ambient of especially smaller quadrature that is often neglected on the market and the company will market under their own brand KONHIŠA. Houses are designed to account for the guidelines of modern living, structural changes in the society and lifestyle changes. Because of individuality of solutions and design flexibility, they cover some marketing niches of housing construction well. The calculated competitive price of cabins enables more people to buy their own house. The company is searching for their first financial investment in the amount of 50,000 EUR.
Image source: dominvrt.si

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Marin Ribač
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Founded: 2008