Intelius is an innovative and globally-oriented company founded in 2008 and a full member of Venture Factory, the business incubator of the University of Maribor. It’s developing the web solution Flowr, which was described as ‘Facebook for companies’ by some global media. Their web solution Flowr allows simple communication and document transfer between employees. When they wrote about it on international portals, they grabbed attention of the company Google with whom they carried out a joint promotional campaign on the Google Marketplace portal.

The functioning and use of Flowr can be imagined as Facebook, but with business content, such as documents, meetings, assignments and ideas. Flowr builds a joint space of knowledge and information of individual companies in a private and safe Internet network. Flowr is a web solution in a so called cloud and works via a web browser, which is why we can access the solution anywhere, smartphones and tablet PCs included. It differs from competitive solutions by a better user experience, as well as localisation and integration with Google services. Flowr uses the so called freemium business model, which means that the basic version of the product is free, but the company charges a monthly fee for the version with a full set of functions.
Nine months after launching the solution on the internet, they had managed to obtain over 5,000 companies, universities and other institutions, mostly from Europe and USA. The company has been creating income with this model since February. The company was the recipient of many international awards (Seedcamp, Plugg, Enterprise 2.0) and got the award for the best innovation in the category of innovative service at the Slovenian forum of innovations. The main goal of the company is marketing and sales in the global environment while searching for external partners for expansion.
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Member: Venture Factory, Business incubator of University of Maribor
Venture Factory, member of RAZ:UM, is an important element in the system of business support in the north eastern Slovenia focused on supporting innovative ideas of professors, young researchers and students from University of Maribor with the aim to develop succesful spin-off businesses. More...

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