Replikateh is an innovative spin-off company founded in 2011. It consists of an experienced team of experts with rich experience from the world of entrepreneurship and composite materials, as well as detailed knowledge of the wood industry. The company developed a special procedure with which they apply silicon polymers on wood products, thus transforming them into composite wood that improves a lot of properties of wooden products.

Composite wood preserves its natural appearance, is waterproof, fire safe and resistant to all sorts of biological factors such as pests, fungi and mould. Products from composite wood have an incredible dimensional stability which is why they don’t shrink, stretch, crack or swell. The procedure of transforming wooden products into the significantly more durable composite wood is intended for the manufacturers of wooden products intended for outdoor use, such as wooden tables, chairs, benches, fences, facades, wooden floors, and applications of wood in marine activities. With their procedure, the cheapest types of wood are given properties of the most expensive types of wood.
Composite wood is ecologically acceptable and durable, offering the manufacturers of wooden products an expansion of their sales offer and significantly increases the market value of their products. In the phase of improving the technology, the company is planning on doing the service within their own manufacturing space. In the next phase, they’re planning the sales of the technology directly to the manufacturers of wooden products who will be able to include the technology into their manufacturing process. In this instance, the business model will rest on ensuring exclusive starting silicon substance.

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