On the market of mobile advertising, Celtra is establishing itself with its adaptable and user-friendly platform AdCreator. It’s a SaaS (software-as-a-service) platform that enables quick and simple design and distribution of rich-media advertisements for mobile devices and websites for mobile clients.
Rich-media advertisements wish to encourage a certain amount of activity in consumers, not only passive viewing of advertisements, which is why they’re more effective than classical banners. By using AdCreator, agencies and publishers can access a platform that is extremely flexible and simple to use, and enables designing ads, their optimisation and the monitoring of their effectiveness. It used by agencies, ad networks, mobile app publishers and the press, including Google, Rovio, Shazam, CNN, The Wall Street Journal and many others.   
Celtra’s most important markets are the USA and Great Britain, while in 2011 Celtra also carried out its first projects in Japan where, similarly to USA, there is increased interest in advertising via mobile phones and tablet PCs. In January 2013, Celtra announced that following the investment from the American funds GrandBanks Capital and Fairhaven Capital, it received a new investment in the amount of 4 million American dollars from the fund SoftBank Capital.
Text and picture source: www.rsg-capital.si and www.celtra.com


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(zastopnik Mikek Mihael)
Other information
Website: www.celtra.com
Founded: 2009