Connecting the construction market with the Eforma network

The MojMojster system

Company Eforma is developing the system MojMojster, which uses free tools on the internet and a network of reliable contractors to enable its users a simple enquiry, doing work inventory and consequently also quickly obtaining and comparing offers side-by-side with contractors’ references. The project MojMojster helped them test the market and establish key problems, as well as develop guidelines for professionalising the network Eforma – an I.T. system for construction that connects investors with experts and building contractors.
The platform offers investors a possibility to systematically organise construction, which decreases risk and accelerates the process of choosing the contractor. It enables the contractors to create a credible reference list and collaborate in various projects. All key information about the company that an investor might need is gathered in the business profile which combines data on references, a network of partners that provided references, reliability data and the capacities of the company. The companies can list the licences of the employees, as well as all obtained certificates and standards. The investors thus see a systematic presentation of the company.

Problem definition

The known crisis of the construction sector devalued the role of professionals and quality construction workers, and put the lowest price above everything else. Consequently the construction market became even more fragmented and confusing. A lot of companies with suitable capacities and references went bankrupt and many new companies with unknown references appeared. In 86% of the time, these are micro companies that are too small to carry out larger projects, which consequently means that foreign companies build for us. Finding good companies is thus difficult, because they are badly presented and don’t have any references available. Only 25% of them have online presentations with minimally listed references, while others don’t have them at all.

Eforma Ltd., founded in 2013, is a company for I.T. services in construction and architecture, working as a full member of Venture Factory – business incubator of the University of Maribor. The company came to be when the young entrepreneurs found out how difficult it is to find reliable contractors and organise construction as well as that this is a challenge that many families, individuals and companies face when fixing up their homes.

A universal tool that anybody can use  

Within the centralised system, the tool Moj Projekt also functions and represents a universal tool for organising construction projects. It is intended for professional contractors as well as investors. It helps manage documents, plans and work inventory, as well as keeps a record of all project participants. The investor can seek contractors for a project and choose them based on a business profile and suitability of the offer. On the other hand, the contractor can search for co-workers needed for a project.
The long-term vision is to develop an efficient system that will be useful for everybody who’s tackling construction or renovation projects. The system is open to all investors, big and small, as well as to institutions and companies. Due to its globality, which is focused locally, the system will be ideal for foreign investors who don’t know local business networks. Investors should be more demanding and gather more information.
Construction is a procedure that needs commitment. This is why additional built-in tools encourage investors to define what they want. The system also wishes to promote the quality of architecture and construction, which is something that is becoming less and less important these days. Clients usually don’t realize that the cheapest solution definitely isn’t the most economical one.

Eforma is an ambitious project that could, once it is fully-developed, contribute towards the neatness of the construction market which is very outdated and rigid in Slovenia. Eforma’s creators are aware of the realisation problems, but they have the support of investors and institutions as well as the government, which gives them motivation for continuing their efforts. 

The goal is the global market 

Eforma managed to build a quickly expanding network of more than a hundred partners in only a few months. Companies and individuals abroad are also interested in this innovative I.T. solution. The Slovenian market is actually an incubator for their product. They also have part of their team in Australia so they will start to conquer the global market there. With the year 2014, they are planning to enter the Austrian and Italian market, for which they are already making agreements with potential partners. Possibilities on the markets of England and Germany are also opening up for the English and German version of the platform. The goal of the young company is to become a successful international network for organising construction. 


Source: Magazine Kapital, year XXIII, issue 581/582


   Supportive environment

Member: Venture Factory, Business incubator of University of Maribor
Venture Factory, member of RAZ:UM, is an important element in the system of business support in the north eastern Slovenia focused on supporting innovative ideas of professors, young researchers and students from University of Maribor with the aim to develop succesful spin-off businesses. More...

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