Booking and cost optimization of transport with GoOpti
The transport booking system GoOpti optimizes the occupancy of vehicles by achieving the lowest possible price for passengers and the highest yield for the carrier. 

About the new product

GoOpti is developed an innovative booking system that recognizes demand and tries to optimize the occupancy of vehicles with the help of the »yield management« system in order to achieve the lowest possible price for the passengers and the highest yield for the carrier.

GoOpti provides travel at a lower cost and solves the problem of interurban transport of residents from smaller towns where, due to poor organization or lack of demand, there is no regular public transport and consequently not enough profit for the transport provider.
The owner and manager of the GoOpti business model and brand is TM Vista Ltd. The GoOpti project was launched on July 1st 2011 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and has been constantly growing since then.


The problem, use value and competitive advantage

The main problem these days is the increasing cost of petrol, which make more people search for alternatives to driving a car. Company analysis also showed that there are many medium-sized cities with poor connections with the rest of the world, or even with the neighbouring cities.
In the past decade, many low-cost airlines have developed and they make air transport cheaper than ground transport for many travellers. The last problem that the company recognized lies in low-cost airlines, which have new airline hubs that aren’t as well connected to the neighbouring cities, but still encourage many people to travel.

GoOpti guarantees reliable door-to- door transport services, available at low prices and also on routes where, due to low demand, the existing public or private transportation companies cannot provide scheduled transportation services.
Their main advantages are:
  • Passengers get (even where this was not possible before): low prices, fixed at the time of purchase; reliable door-to-door transfer and adapted departure time to their needs
  • Partners can now quickly book online with instant confirmation; they get a commission as well as a reliable partners and carriers who all respect the same high quality standards
  • Carriers get an opportunity to launch new routes that have not been profitable before; they can increase the occupancy of the vehicle fleet and profit on existing routes; they become a part of an international company (which is constantly investing into product development), and of an international network of sales.

Target customers

Target users of the GoOpti system are:
  • Internet users,
  • Travellers,
  • inhabitants of cities with population between 100.000 – 800.000,
  • travel agencies,
  • hotels,
  • event planners,
  • companies.

Opinions of passengers

“These guys are great. I had no idea how to get from Trieste to Ljubljana until I found the GoOpti website. Everything worked perfectly.”
Maria (Tarragona, Spain)
“I have purchased a really cheap Opti transfer between Ljubljana and München. I arrived 3 hours before flight departure. Just right to buy some magazines and grab a Bavarian Beer. Everything went smoothly.”
Miha (Ljubljana, Slovenia) 
“We are a group of 3 people who just had VIP transfer between Ljubljana and Venice. We had VIP transfer, because Opti was not available. We were like presidents alone in huge van. We paid 70 EUR per person together with Opti return. If we won’t be waiting for too long on the way back, it will be perfect.”
Sergej (Vrhnika, Slovenia) 



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