Energy performance certificates
The energy performance certificate informs the buyers and tenants about the energy efficiency of the building and expected energy costs as well as possible investments into an energetic upgrade. 

About the new service

Energy performance certificate is the most important element of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD). Member EU countries are obliged to ensure that the owner, tenant or potential buyer has the energy performance certificate at their disposal when building, selling or renting the building. 
The certificate is based on the energy marker of annual heat necessary for heating the building, expressed in kilowatt hours per square meter of net usable surface of the building. The main purpose of the energy performance certificate is to inform buyers or tenants of the building about its energetic efficiency, and indirectly about the expected amount of costs for energy and possible investments necessary for energetically updating the building and the devices in it.
The methodology of energy calculation and the standardized energy performance certificate have to follow the regulations of the statutory legislation in all member countries. The exact form and content of the energy performance certificate is determined by each individual member country.  
The energy performance certificate can be made by independent experts (with a licence) on the client’s demand. The energy performance certificate can only be issued by authorized legal persons – issuers have to be given the authorization for issuing the energy performance certificate by the responsible minister, following an open competition. Before submitting the request for issuing the licence, the independent expert has to successfully complete the training programme for issuing energy performance certificates to independent experts.


The problem, use value and competitive advantage

In accordance with the Energy Act (EZ-UPB2 2007/20011) the energy performance certificate is obligatory when renting or selling any buildings. It’s made by an independent expert with the state licence and based on the actual state of implementing works. It is issued by organisations with the authorization of the responsible ministry. For existing buildings and their parts, it has been obligatory, since January 2009, to submit the energy performance certificate to the buyer or tenant before concluding the sale or lease contract. The validity of the certificate is limited to 10 years, while the owner can apply early for a new one, if the energy efficiency of the building changes.
Buildings that have to obtain the energy performance certificate are the following:
  • New constructions (after finishing construction, the energy performance certificate is an integral part of the Project of performed works and required for the technical review of the object or for issuing the operating permit)
  • Residential buildings (with at least 4 floors); if they were built before the year 1980, they have to obtain the energy performance certificate until the year 2015; buildings built after 1980 have to obtain the certificate until the year 2030.
  • Public buildings (schools, health institutions,  municipal buildings and legal units) – have to present their energy performance certificates to the public as well
  • Buildings for rent or sale (before selling or leasing them)
A building with the energy performance certificate is placed into an energy class, same as kitchen appliances have been for a number of years.
With the energy performance certificate, you will also find out which part of the building causes the greatest energy losses, what is energetically most rational and what should be rehabilitated as soon as possible. Recommendations in the energy performance certificate are given in the form of generic advised measures for the presented type of building, according to the rules of profession and technical state.
Recommendations are divided into the following sets:
  • Measures  for improving the quality of the building shell
  • Measures for improving energetic efficiency of systems
  • Measures for improving efficiency of utilization of renewable energy sources and
  • Organisational measures
The energy performance certificate is a public document with data on energy efficiency of the building.

Target customers

Company Varnost has a very extensive network of business partners, for which it carries out services in the field of safety. Since its business partners have a large stock of buildings at their disposal, the energy performance certificate is a complementary additional service and expands the offer for the company’s existing clients in Slovenia as well as abroad, since all countries of the target market will soon assume the EU regulations.
Company Varnost Maribor will mostly focus on those market segments with which they already collaborate excellently and that have big needs for the new service, namely:
  • Property developers
  • Real estate agencies
  • Planners – building objects (architects) and
  • Public institutions.


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