New Age of Shopping with the Naos system
The Naos system helps the buyers take the shortest route and notifies them about novelties and special offers. It also provides product identification and simplifies payment. 

About the new product

NAOS system brings a simple and entertaining shopping experience. The shopping is faster, since it helps the buyers that the shortest route to the products. At the same time, it notifies them about novelty products and special offers. Furthermore, the waiting time at the cash register will be reduced, since the Naos system is connected with the cash register and can quickly help identify the products and speeds up the payment process. In short, the Naos system is starting a new age of shopping!


The problem, use value and competitive advantage

The Naos system will contribute to the satisfaction of retailers as well as their customers – the final users of the product. Using the NAOS system will enable the customers to avoid the unpleasant wait in a long line for the cash register, which discourages many to enter the store at the first place.
Shopping will also be faster, more fun and, thanks to targeted advertising, the customer will always be able to view the latest promotions. Retailers often find it hard to analyse the shopping habits of their customers. With the NAOS system, they will be able to monitor the shopping habits of their customers and thus best respond to the needs of each individual customer, which will result in greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Target customer

Their target customers are mainly large retail chains all over the world (Mercator, Spar, Leclerc, Wal-Mart, Metro, Carrefour...). The software, tablet computers and other equipment can be custom changed, added to and adjusted depending on the customers.

Benefits of the Naos system for the store/its owners:
  • It analyses customers’ behaviour by tracking shoppers’ routes from entrance to exit with shelf and product level accuracy
  • It optimizes product placement and shelf space revenues
  • It leads the buyers across the store, which enables quick access to the products wanted
  • It ensures a high level of target ads directly on the Naos tablet
  • It encourages the buyers to shop, which is why they buy more than they normally would
  • It contributes to an increased number of shopping centre visitors
  • It provides a new way of advertising

Benefits of the Naos system for the buyers:
  • They get special offers, coupons and real information about services right on the spot
  • They can simply and quickly find the product they are looking for
  • Their route is optimized and they are guided based on their shopping list
  • They are notified about new products
  • The buyers will be able to buy everything off the shopping list without forgetting anything, since NAOS system will guide them on an ideal route to desired products
  • By using the barcode scanner integrated into the NAOS tablet, a user is better informed about a certain product, its properties and ingredients
  • By regularly scanning products during shopping, buyers are always familiar with current value of the purchase and can complete the purchase without scanning their products the a cash register


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