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The interactive portal transforms the process of planning your dream wedding into a fun adventure. 

About the new product is an interactive portal that makes wedding planning fun. It is a free tool with which future brides will be able to organise their dream wedding in an entertaining way. It is the collection of most beautiful wedding photos – on one side the photographs of wedding service providers, on the other side the photographs of newlyweds.
The bride views photographs (of providers as well as newlyweds), chooses the most interesting details and includes them into her profile. The result is a ‘dream chamber’ of her dream wedding, equipped with photographs of providers that can make it happen. At the same time she plans and controls all other important elements of the wedding, such as the guest list. She can also plan and monitor costs, and create a calendar into which she enters all tasks. 
On the one hand, the wish list of future newlyweds is created. On the other hand, there is a selection of appropriate wedding providers according to wishes and available financial resources of the soon-to-be-wed couple.


The problem, use value and competitive advantage

A lot of future brides want a dream wedding, but organising one presents a big organizational challenge. They want only the best wedding service providers, but don’t know where to find them or the information is spread out. Now the portal will be available to them. There, they will find all the necessary information about organising their wedding in one place, with the added possibility of ordering the wanted service or product. The organisation itself will thus be a fun task instead of a stressful one.  

The entire portal is based on photographs

Photographs of providers for weddings are classified into 15 sub-categories: space, dress, shoes, flowers, invitations, hairdresser, make-up, photographer, music, dance, food, travel, transportation, cake, rings. 
In each category, there are selected photographs of the best providers. For the purpose of ranking, the portal has an integrated ‘Like’ button that helps rank the best providers, weddings and blogs. Providers, weddings and blogs with most ‘likes’ will be placed the highest.

By clicking the name of the provider, photographs appear and present the offer with information that helps the bride contact them for an order.
The future bride can place the liked photographs into her ‘dream chamber’ and so make a collection of what she wants, which will help her with the final decision. This way, she gradually organises her dream wedding. By clicking ‘Invite’ the future bride will be able to use email to invite her friends to see her selection. They will be able to see the photograph, comment it, like it... and then help her with the final decision. 
Photographs of recent weddings serve as an inspiration to future brides, as well as give the wedding service providers the space for showing the weddings they have already done. Already married couples can publish up to 20 most beautiful photographs with the information on providers that enabled their dream wedding. This creates an environment for the modern way of mouth-to-mouth recommendation. The portal also gives couples an opportunity to create their own wedding site after the wedding and then share it with wedding guests and friends who didn’t attend the wedding.
The future bride overviews details and transfers the ones she likes into her ‘dream chamber’, which helps her visualise the wedding.
The planner enables monitoring costs and organisation of planned resources, creating a calendar of important activities (picking up the dress, flowers, due payments, etc.) and making a guest list with confirmation of attendance. 
The competitive advantage of the portal is its interactivity and review of best wedding practices. It is an incredible feat in the field of web communication with which they will noticeably upgrade the already existing possibilities of web portals and create an active environment for the target group, made according to the latest trends of integration with social media.


Target customers

The portal is meant for future brides and soon-to-be wed couples who are planning their dream wedding. It is also intended for wedding service and product providers who can present their offer.


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