Gotoky combines advanced hardware and software solutions into a communication network that enables 100% off-grid communication. It is independent, decentralized, low-cost, portable, and affordable for any user who doesn’t wish to use a standard mobile network, which can be either non-existent, unstable or excessively expensive. The solution enables normal communication in secluded areas or disaster-affected areas, areas affected by power outages and poor coverage or areas with prolonged mobile networks failures, which is why it’s the ideal choice for active people who spend time outside, be it during traveling, hiking, attending a crowded event or preparing for extreme conditions. Gotoky is also adapted to business needs of safety experts, big companies and the military and defense industry.
The device can link with any modern smartphone with operating systems Android and iOS through the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. Such a pair of devices creates a communication node and many such nodes in distances up to 15 km can create free, portable communication network on the license-free RF spectrum. Proprietary protocols are enabling mesh, chain communication via a number of devices and reach distances of up to 45 km between nodes. The many prominent international partners of Gotoky also include the Slovenian Iskratel, leading European provider of info-communication solutions, the Jožef Štefan Institute, and the elite hardware accelerator HighTechXL from the Netherlands. Numerous potential customers have shown interest in it, including the Dutch mobile operator KPN, Vodafone, Telkom Indonesia, Royal Netherlands Army, Media Markt, Sharaf DG and others.

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