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 /16.5.2017, Author: Majda Dodevska

Potenza Innova with the innovative hygienic tampon TampoRelief 2/1 for quick, safe and effective period pain relief


Studies have shown that every seventh woman experiences severe period pain, which is similar to the pain of giving birth. It heavily decreases the quality of life and work effectiveness for 10% of women. In Slovenia alone, this results in 11 million working hours lost per year. There is no dedicated solution available that would be developed exclusively for period pain. Instead, women are currently using oral painkillers, which have serious adverse effects and are therefore not suitable for all. 


TampoRelief is an innovative hygienic tampon with an active substance at the tip. It is the first solution developed exclusively for period pain. With a 2-in-1 approach delivering similar results, quicker effects without side effects, TampoRelief will become a market leader in relieving period pain.


They are a strong and well-balanced team of two experienced startuppers and two young entrepreneurs. Having rich in-house experience from research, regulatory and pharmaceutical sales, already developed sales channels and a wide range of important contacts, they are prepared for quick development of the company.

Product one-liner

We are giving women 10% of their life back.

Finalist Of The Competition Startup Of The Year 2017


Potenza Innova | Start:up Slovenia 2017 finalist from SAMINO on Vimeo.


Email: irena.znidarsic@potenza-innova.si
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