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 /3.1.2017, Author: Elvisa Basailović
Company Hangar Aviacija is developing aviaCART, a cart intended to effectively move planes in hangars and optimally use up space. The AviaCART is put under each wheel of the plane and, besides moving in all directions, also lets it move up and down.

Problem and use value

The owner spends approximately 45 minutes on moving their plane from the hangar to the runway. At the same time, they also have to move other planes that are in the way, which is time-consuming and demands the participation of several people, and a lot of damage to planes happens in the process.

AviaCART solves the problem for two target groups, namely owners of general aviation planes and the owners or managers of hangars. For plane owners, it significantly shortens the time it takes them to prepare their plane to take off, and decreases the possibility of damaging their own or other planes.
For managers of hangars and plane storage facilities, it removes the danger of plane damage due to moving other planes, and the possibility of placing planes at different heights, which contributes to optimal use of space.
AviaCART has a set of three carts with an inbuilt hydraulic system. They are placed under each wheel of the plane and enable quick and effective movement of the plane in all directions as well as up and down. For moving the chosen plane, it is thus not necessary to move all others that are in the way.

Competitive advantage

Indirect competition are systems for moving planes (smartug, airtug and others). The competitors’ solutions offer carts that are only placed under the front or back wheel of the plane, which makes them move more easily because the carts increase the radius of wheel movement and consequently enable faster re-parking. But there is still the problem of having to move all planes and not only the one that needs to be moved from the hangar to the runway. Nobody is solving the problem on a vertical axis and they aren’t thinking in the direction of how to move the chosen plane over all other parked planes.
The prices of competitive solutions that are more advanced and of the highest quality, but are still only meant to move planes by the front or back wheel, are around 40,000 EUR. The price of the aviaCART solution, which solves the problem completely, will be between 9,000 and 15,000 EUR.

Contact information

Address: Hangar Aviacija d.o.o., Tovarniška cesta 6, 3312 Prebold
Website: / 
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CEO: Gregor Štorman
Email: info@dream-aviations.eu

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Gregor Štorman, CEO
Florjan Samec, head of development
Denis Pavliha, development
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