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Davorin Gabrovec
/22.5.2014, Author: Vera Nunić
One of the more experienced Slovenian start-uppers.
1. Was a good idea, deriving from the needs of the market, crucial for the success of your company?  
An idea is important, but it’s not enough for the implementation and development of a good product. What’s crucial is the motivation and enthusiasm of the entrepreneur and his co-workers. Without such a good team, who worked six to seven days a week, more than twelve hours a day for practically a year and a half, we couldn’t have developed the product and offer it to the market in such a short time and with such limited resources.
We’re changing from a development-oriented to a sale-oriented company. Our success so far can be measured only in customer satisfaction and the number of companies using our product. In the next two years, Flowr will be used by more than 20,000 SMEs and we’ll be positioned as one of three leading providers in the segment of Enterprise 2.0 tools.

2. What drives you in life, what makes you face all obstacles? Freedom is an extremely important value for me, since it is the basis of all motivation. A real entrepreneur has a special lifestyle and generally he invests all he earns into further development. Money isn’t what pushes me forward. For me, money is only a consequence of good work and the value the product is worth to the customers. I always think about my motivation, about what I do enthusiastically. I’m led by the desire to become the best in what we like to do the most. Once you get the feeling for the global perspective, that’s another thing that motivates you.

3. What advice would you give to individuals who have the knowledge for developing a high-tech product, but have only just started thinking about entrepreneurship? If you think you have a solution that the market needs, don’t hesitate and start with implementation right away. Before that, you should research whether a market already exists, then gather the best possible team and prepare a product prototype as soon as possible. Only then will you be able to confirm the prediction that there are companies or individuals willing to pay for your product.

4. With the experience you have now, would you decide for entrepreneurship once again? For me, entrepreneurship is the only path on which I feel good. I’m willing to work and risk a lot, I’m prepared to face new challenges and I’m attracted to what appears to be unreachable and impossible, since this allows me to express my creativity. The world is global and this gives me perspective. A lot of us have the same ideas, but only those who are more efficient and innovative are able to succeed.
Before starting his entrepreneurial path, Davorin had been a professional athlete for 15 years. As the former republican champion in gymnastics, an international dancer of Latin-American and standard dances, and a world champion in martial arts, he focused his enthusiasm and perfectionism on entrepreneurship. He says that he isn’t interested in “average”, just as he wasn’t when he became a recipient of the Zois scholarship.
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Member: Venture Factory, Business incubator of University of Maribor
Venture Factory, member of RAZ:UM, is an important element in the system of business support in the north eastern Slovenia focused on supporting innovative ideas of professors, young researchers and students from University of Maribor with the aim to develop succesful spin-off businesses. More...

Author of content: Vera Nunić,
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