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 /2.6.2016, Author: Stanislava Vabšek
Finalist of the competition Startup of the year 2016 is an app service for child’s speech development and teletherapy - Blub Blub.


Tablets are babysitting a whole generation of children. 1 in 7 parents allow their infant to spend more than 4 h a day on a smart device. 40% use a tablet before they speak. The rise of gadgets is also blamed for a 70% leap in speech problems in the past six years. 1 in 4 children or 230 million worldwide need support with speech development but unfortunately there aren't enough therapists out there to handle the situation. Kids wait for their first evaluation for up to 2 years.


Blub Blub is a solution with a series of self-help apps and a subscription service connecting a parent and a therapist. A child simply observes and imitates practices performed by their peers. They use mirroring, role-playing, stickers and funny videos to keep them going.


The team consists of four experienced startuppers who attracted numerous speech therapists from Slovenia and abroad, and the first angel investor. Three of them had a speech impediment as children and were teased by their peers, so they intimately understand the problems of children and parents.


Blub Blub – a service for child’s speech development and teletherapy


Finalist of the competition Startup of the year 2016 


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CEO: Jernej Fužir
web: Blub Blub



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