/1.10.2015, Author: Urban Lapajne
Constructor, innovator and successful entrepreneur Maks Robinik and the Kraken team are presenting the first silent carbon fins in the world, used for first-rate underwater fishing as well as for freediving. The fins are completely silent and give the swimmer 40 % more power efficiency, but they still have the characteristics of preceding fins. The ideal clients are underwater fishermen and apneists who spend a lot of time in the sea, are physically superior (concerning their diving abilities), make really good catches and are  incredibly devoted to sport diving and fishing.

The entire global market has 26 million divers and snorkelers. The market value of North America and Europe is 20 billion dollars. They will first penetrate into the market of seaside countries of Southeast Europe and conquer five continents with their products in five years. While competition does exist, they will be different with the only patented silent carbon fins, with which each diver will become a silent explorer. Personalized fins will also be available and, in the future, fins from natural materials as well.

Silent fins have been successfully tested, amongst others by Umberto Pelizzari, multiple world and European champion in freediving, which is something the Kraken team is especially proud of. This year, they will continue the development, testing and activity on their website. In 2016, they are planning to focus on accelerating sales, marketing and building an online store. Afterwards, they will penetrate into the market of Southeast Europe and, by 2020, into global markets. The goal of the Kraken team is to penetrate into five continents in five years.

Author of content: Urban Lapajne,
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