/11.2.2016, Author: Elvisa Basailović
MedicoApps is developing the Sentinel solution, a system that is controlling a person’s psychophysical condition and environment they’re in from the wrist.

Their first product is FlySentinel, a system that will supervise the physical and psychic condition of the pilot throughout the entire flight and define the source of a problem as accurately as possible as well as give advice on immediate measurements in case of a sudden deterioration of the pilot's health status. A pilot can also save all data into a cloud for later analysis done by the pilot or a doctor.
Sentinel device is also designed for people who aren’t working in aviation but do wish to monitor their psychophysical condition and well-being. They are also developing Sentinel system for firefighter and soldiers that is sending data in real time to the control center. From control center supervisor can online monitor persons environment impacts and health status.


MEDICOAPPS d.o.o., Lopata 24H, 3000 Celje

CEO: Primož Grajžl
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