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Rok Blatnik
/1.9.2015, Author: Stanislava Vabšek
Rok Blatnik, CEO and founder of 10plus, is an architect by education. When he worked on projects in the south and east of Europe, he figured out that they are not well-developed online and saw a good business opportunity.
Rok Blatnik, CEO and founder of startup 10plus, is an architect by education. During his studies and then after he completed bachelor studies, he worked in an architecture office that did projects and engineering of tourist objects abroad. That’s where he learned how to do business abroad, the marketing approach to projects, and working inside different segments of final customers. With the obtained knowledge he founded the company 10plus in 2014, with the basic idea of implementing promising web products and business models on foreign, less developed markets.
Why and how were you drawn into entrepreneurship?
When we were working on projects in the south and east of Europe, we discovered that in some places, certain segments are a lot less developed than in Slovenia, and we saw an opportunity in it.
If you had the experience and knowledge you have today, would you once again choose this path? Would you do anything differently?
Yes, I would once again decide for the same path. What would I have done differently? Absolutely everything. The support environment for startups is excellent here. If you’re prepared to listen and at the same time additionally dive deep into things, the amount of useful information is virtually unlimited. Even from only this aspect it’s impossible to do anything in the same way after more than half a year.
What is your company most actively working on at the moment and what is your startup life most marked by?
Daily search for solutions to various problems.
What connects you as a team and motivates you in work?
We are connected by a non-confrontational, constructive approach that the entire team has towards solving problems.
What is or will be the key milestone of your company’s success?
The best and worst business decision or the best and worst advice you received on your startup journey?
The best decision – participating in various training courses. The worst decision – there are none. All decisions we’ve made were good, based on the knowledge and information we had at the given moment. In short, not one big bad decision. But there were a lot of small wrong decisions, if I look back today. The best advice – “It’s all about the customer”. Best advice n. 2 – have focus! Always. Everywhere. Worst advice – there is no bad advice. Listen to everyone, decide by yourself.
Your formula or recipe for success?
The formula is still in the making, I’ll let you know as soon as I find one that truly works. 
Author of content: Stanislava Vabšek,
Communications and PR Start:up Slovenija
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