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Jernej Mirt
/1.9.2015, Author: Stanislava Vabšek
Jernej Mirt, CEO and cofounder of VIAR, collaborated in the development of the entrepreneurship platform and cofounded the company for virtual reality after finishing his studies.
Jernej Mirt, CEO and cofounder of startup VIAR. Already during parallel studies of engineering and entrepreneurship, he participated in developing the entrepreneurship platform After finishing his studies, he cofounded VIAR, which is developing virtual reality for the purposes of marketing.
Why and how were you drawn into entrepreneurship?
The desire for more.
If you had the experience and knowledge you have today, would you once again choose this path? Would you do anything differently?
I would take this path sooner. That way, I would learn what I know now sooner.
What is your company most actively working on at the moment and what is your startup life most marked by?
Developing virtual reality.
What connects you as a team and motivates you in work?
Blood and tears.
What is or will be the key milestone of your company’s success?
World domination.
The best and worst business decision or the best and worst advice you received on your startup journey?
The best advice was given to me by Rok Krulec from startup DoubleRecall: “Follow the money”. I don’t remember the bad ones.
Your formula or recipe for success?
Hard work.
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Member: Incubator of Savinjska region

Author of content: Stanislava Vabšek,
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