/1.10.2015, Author: Urban Lapajne
The team Tibopo is developing the system for supervising bimanual vehicle controls.

mDrive is an advanced technological system for supervising bimanual vehicle controls. It helps solve an important factor in traffic safety, namely distractions (talking over the phone, writing messages, eating, playing with the radio, fixing one’s looks, for example doing make-up …). The system drastically decreases the possibility of distractions and helps save lives as well as decreases damage.

The test markets are Slovenia and Serbia, followed by Switzerland and Germany. The US is also a target. So far, the team has letters of intent signed by some of the bigger companies that manage a lot of business vehicles. They also have an agreement for the purchase of the first systems, and the Institute of Corporate Security will help them carry out a study concerning the impact of the mDrive system on safe driving.
In the first phase, the team wishes to finish system development and testing. Afterwards, they will actively search for international distribution connections. More capital will also be necessary for fast and efficient penetration. As far as markets abroad are concerned, they already have an agreement with a Serbian company that owns numerous vehicles and is in charge of safety across Serbia.

The product is in competition with two other products in the field of preventing traffic accidents caused by distractions, namely the sensor system of the automobile manufacturer Volvo, called “Eye movement”, and “Attention Assist” by Mercedes. But there are also other products on the market.

Their advantage is retrofitting, since the mDrive system can be installed into any vehicle without interfering with privacy. Other systems have additional deficiencies, such as the use of sunglasses, the inability to sense key distractions and a high price. This is why the mDrive system is a unique solution for increased traffic safety.

Author of content: Urban Lapajne,
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