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Matej Vengust
/8.1.2015, Author: Elvisa Basailović
Matej Vengust, CEO and cofounder of NervTeh, developing the Zetadrive driving simulator, works 24/7 and says that nothing is impossible.
Matej Vengust is the CEO and cofounder of company NervTeh, SK50 investment recipient developing the advanced Zetadrive driving simulator. The simulator puts the driver into a real environment and uses advanced neurologic profiling to collect their biometric and neurological data. With a BA in economy, he has strengthened and gained experience in acclaimed startups such as D.Labs and Koofr.
What is your startup life currently most marked by?
It is currently most marked by 24/7 work and travels or meetings abroad. We are working on the development of a new prototype and wish to penetrate the global market as quickly as possible.
Who is who in your team?
  • Valentina Lacovich, cofounder – PhD in biomedicine, scientist at the ICRC Institute Brno.
  • David Možina, marketing and design – multimedia engineer. Sales, marketing and design at Obsession d.o.o.
  • Jaka Simonič, programming – BA in electrical engineering and IT. Programmer at TMG d.o.o. and Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia.
  • Jernej Dolinšek, technical design – MA in computer engineering. Systems administrator at Telekom Slovenia.
  • Jaka Sodnik, programming, electrical design – PhD in electronics. Professor at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering UL, worked on the Talking TOM project.
What connects you as a team and motivates you in work? 
We are connected by the development of new products and gaining new customers and markets. We wish to beat the market and become leaders in what we do.
Best and worst advice you got on your startup path?
We got the best advice with words “Congratulations on your courage and keep up the good work”. The worst advice we received was that the project and product are too complicated and high tech, “as if Slovenians will launch a rocket to Mars”.
Your formula/recipe for success?
Nothing is impossible.
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