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Igor Panjan
/24.12.2014, Author: Elvisa Basailović
Igor Panjan, CEO and team leader, organizer, motivator and startupper who understands that sales are a process, not a matter of artistic inspiration.
Igor Panjan, CEO and team leader, organizer, motivator and startupper who understands that sales are a process, not a matter of artistic inspiration. He started his business path in 2007 as an external adviser in a large international logistic corporation. He gained experience in leading management fields and continued his path in 2011 with the project iGostinec and iHotelir, into which he personally invested and led the development of electronic menus for restaurants and hotels. The Smarthousekeeping project developed from this, intended to optimize business processes in the hotel industry. Completely naturally, because of company needs, they developed Datafy, the online browser for business contacts. They later detected a better business opportunity in it, which is why they are currently committing to it 24/7.
What is your startup life currently most marked by?
We are currently most marked by the elastic search messing with us, which is the reason behind (too) short nights, emails at 4 o’clock in the morning and eternal questions of “Does it work yet?”, and it is the last obstacle before our strategic partner starts selling Besides this we are focusing on increasing sales and development activities with our strategic partners who will represent us on the market.
And who are the people answering your emails at 4 o’clock at night?
  • Uroš Trebec– CTO: Altogether more than 10 years of professional experiences from programming.
  • Tilen Kusterle - LEAD DEVELOPER: Java, Eclipse IDE, Matlab, C/C++, LabVIEW and a Python master.
  • PRIMOŽ KERIN – PROGRAMMER: student at FRI with the ability to learn programming quickly and a specialty for hacking portals.
  • ŽAN ANDERLE - UX & UI designer: Constantly aims to improve user experience development with the purpose of making the Datafy app as simple and intuitive to use as possible.
Best and worst advice you got on your startup path?
There was a lot of bad advice, especially in the starting stages when the company is at its most vulnerable. Then it is only important that the team follows its vision. The best advice definitely came from Gregor Pipan when he told us: “Stop startup-ing, go and sell!”
Biggest mistake or worst decision you made? What about the best business decision so far?
There were a lot of mistakes so far, they are practically part of the daily routine, but they all resulted in us being better. The biggest mistake we allow ourselves is the occasional doubt, but we quickly run over it with success in sales. The best business decision is conscious, pathological persistence and always the right people around us.
Your formula/recipe for success and what would you recommend to others who are embarking on the entrepreneurship journey?
Pathological persistence.
Photo source: Finance Newspaper, photographer: Aleš Beno
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