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Rok Lončarič
/8.1.2015, Author: Elvisa Basailović
Rok Lončarič, founder and CEO of Cooling Inno, who is stringing awards for best innovations. He says that only above-average work brings above-average results.
Rok Lončarič, founder and CEO of Cooling Inno, stringing awards for best innovations, started his career in legal offices of the biggest Slovenian companies, such as NLB, Tuš, Tomcetes … After passing the bar exam, he started an independent legal practice under the brand “Halo pravnik”. Besides law, he was also interested in renewable energy sources, which is why he and his team started to research the world of phase-changing materials and effective solutions for consumers’ everyday needs. The team, connected and motivated by the passion for making new products, thus constructed AIRTOWER, which they think will impress all users.
What is the most important area you are currently working on in the company?
We are currently preparing a new product that will satisfy the needs of our customers, namely with bigger heat capacity and higher effectiveness of heat transfers. We are having meetings with business partners and looking for quality foreign partners for individual markets. We currently have two partners in Italy, and we are planning to expand to Spain.
What is your key milestone for success?
In the next three years, we wish to penetrate all important and bigger markets with the brand COOLING INNO, and establish ourselves on them. At the same time, we wish to strengthen the knowledge of passive cooling and potential decrease of costs, and successfully pass this knowledge on to people. We wish to warn about wasteful electricity consumption for cooling buildings and over-consumption of electricity across the world, mostly due to a lack of knowledge and existing technologies. Only for cooling business buildings in the EU, 22 billion euros of electricity are wasted annually. Our devices with passive cooling can decrease this cost for 90 %, to 2 billion euros. We will be successful when we are recognized as the best and biggest company in the field of passive building cooling.
Best and worst advice you got on your startup path?
The advice we received so far was always well-intentioned, so we didn’t detect bad advice. The fact is that only above-average work will bring above-average results, and we are well aware of this.
Biggest mistake or worst decision you made? What about the best business decision so far?
In our branch, the biggest mistakes are technological devices that are difficult to fix in retrospect. The best business decision so far was to firmly step into marketing the product at every step and launching ourselves to markets abroad.
What is your startup life currently most marked by?
It currently consists of travels, meetings, plans, field work, and networking.
Your formula/recipe for success and what would you recommend to others embarking on the entrepreneurship journey?
Don’t give up after three weeks, three months or three years. In a period of seven to ten years, everyone succeeds. Work more than you think you can, and dream further and broader than reality allows.
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