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Mitja Poljšak
/16.2.2015, Author: Elvisa Basailović
Mitja Poljšak, CEO and cofounder of Pricejet, is a versatile programmer, visionary, and connoisseur of the market of online and mobile solutions.
Mitja Poljšak is CEO and cofounder of Pricejet, whose online platform PricePilot helps service providers optimally schedule all their available capacities through an online booking system. His current work experiences and the knowledge he obtained during his work in various international startups, such as and as well as and, shaped him into a versatile programmer, visionary, and connoisseur of the market of online and mobile solutions.
What is your startup life currently most marked by?
We are currently most marked by a guilty conscience when spending time on anything that isn’t directly connected to the product, our buyers and customers. We also have to do a number of administrative works, which might steal the time from truly important tasks but still have to be done. We keep thinking how to organize ourselves more efficiently.
What is the most important area you are currently working on in the company? 
We work on several areas at the same time and they are all important: testing the product and eliminating errors, developing missing functionalities, connecting the first customers, finding new buyers, employing, finding further financing resources.
Best and worst advice you got on your startup path?
We received two pieces of advice from known and successful entrepreneurs. The first one is that you cannot be a successful entrepreneur if you don’t do things 100 %. The second one says that you should never leave your job until you earn enough for your own pay. We are still testing which one is better.
Biggest mistake or worst decision you made? What about the best business decision so far?
The biggest mistake was waiting too long before pitching the idea to potential investors. The best decision so far was to apply to the SK50 tender, which ensured enough resources that we are able to work on idea development full-time.
Your formula/recipe for success?
Stick to the set strategy.
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