/5.1.2015, Author: Elvisa Basailović
Company Setran Plus has developed an interior passive air conditioner Coolinginno AIRTOWER, which cools down a room of up to 10 m2 in size and needs 2W for its use, while lowering the user’s electricity consumption for cooling for more than 90 %. Compared to a classic air conditioner, Airtower needs 1000 times less electricity to function, is completely soundless and simply transferable and mobile. At the same time, it doesn’t need an exterior unit and assembly as well as doesn’t make the air dry. 

‘Coolinginno’ technology represents the world’s first effective passive technology for sustainable indoor acclimatization. This is achieved by the innovative use of Phase change materials (PCM) with big thermal capacity. The PCM material absorbs the heat in the room during the daytime and releases it back into the room during the nighttime when the temperature in the room drops. This way the room temperature stabilizes in a healthy way, while the energy costs are reduced for up to +/- 90%.
The patented innovative solution was awarded Top 10 innovation at SMART CITY EXPO in Barcelona and won 1st place at the Slovenian National Innovation Forum, 2014.


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