/5.8.2015, Author: Stanislava Vabšek
SEOVISOR is a Search Engine Optimization platform that was built to help companies to develop and implement their inbound/SEO strategies. It gives companies niche specific intelligence, proven SEO strategies from their competitors and a mean to track their progress.

SMEs (Small and Medium Sized Enterprises) face major difficulties when trying to follow the dynamics of web markets. Especially in SE (search engines) that are the end points where users mostly (up to 89 %) search for the products and solutions for their problems.

Unpaid search results (organic results) are immensely important for the SMEs. These represent the majority (94 %) of the redirected visits through the search engines, while the paid placements in the search engines are used only by 6 % of the visitors. Based on this, as we can see, the market potential is huge.

Unfortunately the market segments of SMEs on search engines are mostly dominated by the large enterprises and organizations that are more successful, because they have better web-related business processes, higher knowledge accumulation and use big data to make better data driven decisions. Because of the lack of information, knowledge and improper processes the SMEs are not able to use their full potential in many cases.

Their solution will enable SMEs globally to improve their web-related business processes, enhance their digital competitiveness and start their sustainable growth on digital markets.


VSENET MARKETING d.o.o., Petišovska ulica 79, Lendava 9220
Webpage: www.seovisor.com
Membership: Tovarna podjemov, podjetniški inkubator Univerze v Mariboru

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Member: Venture Factory, Business incubator of University of Maribor
Venture Factory, member of RAZ:UM, is an important element in the system of business support in the north eastern Slovenia focused on supporting innovative ideas of professors, young researchers and students from University of Maribor with the aim to develop succesful spin-off businesses. More...

Author of content: Stanislava Vabšek,
Communications and PR Start:up Slovenija
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