/5.8.2015, Author: Stanislava Vabšek
Company Lux media develped an interactive digital Lux Mirror for displaying user-adjusted content. Lux Mirror is a sales increasing tool and it solves retailer´s problem on how to sell additional items to the customers already in the store. Using a sensor, the mirror detects the presence of the user and suitably adjusts the displayed content, which can be monitored and administered remotely.

Lux Mirror enables customers to get additional information about the product without the assistance of sales personnel. It also offers a customer possible replacement of items and complimentary products.
It also helps advertisers solve the problem of “immunity” to ads that users see on numerous internal and external, classic and digital displays. It makes the user interact more with the medium, and shows key information when the user actually approaches the screen. At the same time, the advertisers can reliably quantify an ad campaign’s reach, same as in web advertising, as well as get the option of buying ad space based on the number of views, not only in time-limited intervals.

Lux Mirror is completely remote controlled standalone device that informs customers using RFID or barcode reading technology. It looks like a standard mirror, but it also works as a screen that can easily play HD video files with sound. The products information (sizes on stock, product info, prices, colors, complimentary products, etc.) are shown on the mirror by connecting to database through a simple interface. Due to special design (only 3,7cm thick) Lux Mirror can be placed anywhere inside the store no matter what dimensions you want your mirror to be. The perfect location to put a Lux Mirror would be the fitting room since the device has no camera installed providing 100% privacy for customers.


LUX MEDIA d.o.o., Partizanska cesta 6, 2000 Maribor

Author of content: Stanislava Vabšek,
Communications and PR Start:up Slovenija
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