In Silico

In Silico is a globally oriented company, specialized for the development of applicative technologies in the field of pharmacy and medicine. The biggest challenge of the young ambitious company is to offer fast access to a professionally-supported and optimized self-treatment of the most frequent health problems, tailored to the users’ needs. The company wishes to use its web and mobile apps, such as the current development trump card CheckMeApp, to revolutionize the system of self-treatment, supply of non-prescription medicines and consultations outside the pharmaceutical or hospital environment, especially when direct contact of the patient and the doctor isn’t possible.

Story of the Vivoda family

Founder and owner of the company is Miha Vivoda, an experienced and well-established expert despite his youth, who obtained a PhD at the University of Ljubljana in 2011 in the field of biomedicine, more specifically pharmacy. The idea leader of the project and the head of the professional development of the CheckMeApp application has a lot of resounding career references, including more than ten years of experience with work in the family-owned pharmacy, where he thoroughly learned about the needs of the patients, their shopping habits and the trends that will shape this industry in the future. Pharmacy and entrepreneurship are written in his genes, since only a quick overview of the family Vivoda can tell us that Miha’s father founded quite a few well-known pharmaceutical companies, while his mother was one of the first concessionaires, who opened a private pharmacy in Izola 20 years ago and is still successfully leading it today.

A strong interdisciplinary team

Company In Silico is currently mostly focusing on the development of the application CheckMeApp and its launch – first on the domestic market, and later on the global one. Determined to not only develop an excellent app but also build a great company, Dr Vivoda has actively been attending business seminars and workshops since 2012, while at the same time surrounding himself with a strong interdisciplinary team from the fields of IT, profession and marketing. Besides him, the current key members of the business team In Silico are thus also Primož Kralj, MSc, as head of computer development, Enes Halilović as the leading programmer, Tilen Godnič, as head of marketing, and Marko Vivoda, as head of customer development. Even though they are also bound by childhood friendship, their professional competences were what prompted them to meet up again and join powers in the project CheckMeApp.

Transforming obstacles and helping fellow humans

The company, which had been founded in June 2012 for the needs of the CheckMeApp application development and marketing, currently has four full-time employees. The key value and professional mission of the company remains helping fellow humans, while their basic motto in business is transforming obstacles into challenges and opportunities for creating. The company is building its culture on the basis of belonging and commitment to achieving common goals. Since the success of the company is primarily regarded as a reflection of well-coordinated team-work, the development team will be rewarded by taking part in company income, but they also have an option of equity participation.

Partners for entering markets abroad

Company In Silico is currently financing CheckMeApp from its own resources and the development subsidy they obtained via the tender of the Slovene Entrepreneurship Fund. In order to ensure high professionalism and independence of the tool and its direct launch to the field of healthcare, the company will not be searching for investors until it finishes developing the professional frameworks of the app. In the future, it is planning to finance itself with income generated on the market from marketing the app. However for entering the global market, the company will seek those competent partners abroad who will be able to ease the launch of CheckMeApp on foreign markets of OTC medicine supply.


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Miha Vivoda
Innovative product
Mobile and web application CheckMeApp
Involvement of the company in the innovative environment
Member of Technology Park Ljubljana
15th place in the competition Start:up of the year 2013 (amongst 102 participating companies)
Year of establishment: 2012