Company Domenca Labs, more known by its shorter title D·Labs at home and abroad, came into existence when the development department of company Domenca, the well-known Slovenian provider of web domains and hosts, branched off. They landed one of their first key projects by continuing the development of the web store Mimovrste.com – something they had already started within Domenca. Their knowledge and innovative approach to ensuring agile development solutions also helped them acquire their first strong referential start-up client, the London-based Peerindex.

Strengthening in the co-founder role

For Peerindex, D.Labs developed a web index that analyses social networks as well as the influences that an individual or a company have on them. Peerindex had been one of the most recognizable and ambitious London-based technological start-ups of the time, while D.Labs used the project to gain experience for a role that today brings crucial competitive and strategic advantages – to them as well as to their clients. By surpassing the role of mere consultants and developers, their clients see them as co-founders. They help entrepreneurs, who are experienced in their own industry, fill competitive gaps in the field of developing digital products and a successful business model, designing an effective user experience, and agile development of web and mobile apps, consistent with the company’s business goals.

Recognizable clients…

The D.Labs team is under the leadership of CEO Jaka Levstek, COO Tilen Travnik and client relationship manager Kate Leto, and has numerous well-known British high-tech start-ups amongst its clients, for example Toothpick, Business of fashion, Rock, pamper, scissors, Dipstix, Go Car Share, Wandera, ProdPad and others. They also collaborate with Slovenian breakthrough start-ups, such as Flaviar, DietPoint and Mesi. Furthermore, they have been providing efficient user-friendly web and mobile apps for company Petrol for the past four years.

…and development achievements

Not long ago, they had celebrated an important accomplishment together with Slovenian start-ups. D.Labs, GigoDesign, Institute Jožef Štefan, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and the Faculty of Medicine collaborated under the guidance of the chief partner MESI and placed amongst the ten finalists of the prestigious competition XPRIZE. The purpose of the competition is to make a Tricorder by March 2015 – that is, a medical device that can simultaneously diagnose 16 of the most frequent diseases and monitor five vital life functions. In this project, D.Labs was responsible for Mobile Application and Web Based API development.

Building a positive, open culture

The biggest value of the D.Labs company is human capital, something that Levstek and Travnik are very much aware of. Consequently, they are not only taking care of customers but also focus most of their energy on building a positive, open company culture pledged to constant learning and development. When employing new co-workers, it’s not only their set of knowledge and skills that are important, but rather also their character, values and attitude towards work. At D.Labs, they call this the “skill-set and cultural fit”. They first check the qualifications of the candidate who then works in the company for a while, so they can see if they also get along in the “softer” aspects.

Surprising, exact, engaging …

At D.Labs, each employee has the possibility and opportunity to enrich the already dynamic and creative working environment with his or her uniqueness and ideas. They encourage employees to be surprising, engaged, enthusiastic, inventive and open, as they are aware that excellent staff and an encouraging company culture are what is crucial for fulfilling and keeping the role of a global consulting and development company for start-ups and their products. For this type of company recognisability, it is important that Jaka Levstek and Tilen Travnik don’t only lead D.Labs, but also actively participate on the national and international start-up scene by lecturing, consulting and mentoring.

Mentoring in renowned accelerators and plans for growth

As an established mentor in the renowned accelerators SeedCamp and LAUNCHub, Jaka Levstek is coming into contact with excellent individuals, some of whom just might be a crucial part of D.Labs’ daring plans for expansion and growth in the future. Last year, the company generated 1.3 million euros of income (of which more than 80 % abroad) and 34 thousand euros of pure profit. It currently has 50 full-time employees, but wishes to have 400 full-time employees in the area of Slovenia and Bulgaria by 2018, as well as cover the entire European region with their services for start-ups. Then it’s understandable why they wish to find people who are not only interested in writing code and carrying out tasks, but are also open, proactive and have a broader understanding of what they are creating for the company and their clients, as well as see the influence. D.Labs has also prepared a plan for optional upgrading and ownership co-participation in the company for all key staff members, but is still searching for a strategic investor to accelerate growth.

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Levstek  Jaka
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Innovative products
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mentors at Start:up Geek House and Go:Global accelerators
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Founded: 2010
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