DigiVista is a young company using computer vision to introduce innovative solutions to intelligent digital marketing. It is one of the top suppliers of originally developed biometric solutions based on face recognition techniques. DigiVista develops intelligent video systems that integrate computer vision, through which it offers comprehensive solutions for CRM, access control, smart advertising, work hours identification, video control, statistics analysis of population in monitored areas, etc.
The company wishes to become one of the leading, globally oriented, high-tech companies that can, equipped with know-how and quality work, efficiently cope with the challenges of the modern era and create new guidelines in the biometric industry using computer vision. It will make DigiVista a standing and recognisable trademark in the biometric industry. The fundamental goal of the company is to continually grow on the global market while generating new high-tech products.

Image source: digi-vista.com

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Website:  www.digi-vista.com
Founded: 2011