Intelligent advertising with computer vision

About the new product

The company is introducing innovative solutions in the field of intelligent advertising using computer vision. This is primarily an innovative system that enables:
  • An exact view count of individual advertisement or video feeds
  • Measurement of actual viewtime of an individual
  • Collection of demographic data of people who have watched the ad (gender, age group)
  • Correlations between viewing the ad and the immediate wish to have the product, enter the store and potentially buy the product.

DigiMetric system

The DigiMetric system displays an advertisement depending on the target audience currently standing in front of the display (for example: women aged between 25 and 40 will see ads for Dior make-up; children aged 5 to 10 ads for Ravensburger toys; men aged 40 to 60 ads for BMW cars etc.)

Problem definition

By using digital advertisement solutions that, among other things, enable the use of multimedia and dynamic content and control over their distribution, the advertisers can communicate with the consumer in the outside environment in a completely different way.
Not only does digital advertisement attract more attention compared to traditional static adverts, it also ensures more brand awareness and a higher level of interaction with those who see the advertisement. The modern way of advertising also has a positive influence on the perception and reputation of the advertisers themselves. To top it all, the advertisers using digital advertising can save money previously used for printing and changing the advertised content.
What matters to the advertisers is that they try to display content and attract users’ attention in a way that results in higher profits or higher brand awareness, as well as bigger reputation of the advertiser. What’s essential if they want to achieve such goals is the distribution of the right content to the right target group at the right time and at the right place. This can be done by upgrading digital advertising and adding viewer detection, since the system can then adapt the content to the target group currently standing in front of the multimedia advertisement in real time.

Target customers

The DigiMetric system is designed for marketing agencies, marketing centres, company owners, shops and stores, namely for anyone aiming to market their company or products via advertisements while having a complete overview over the marketing and its effects.

Key features and competitive advantage

The DigiMetric system is mostly used as an upgrade to the DigiSignage product, which is a system for preparing, showing and controlling digital video feed. The DigiMetric system has four modules: counting, age and gender segmentation, correlation.
  • DigiMetric COUNT programme for face detection, recording and counting people in the monitored area
  • DigiMetric GENDER programme for gender distribution of people detected
  • DigiMetric AGE programme for age distribution of people detected
  • DigiMetric CORRELATION programme for people identification and measuring the correlation between seeing the advertisement and entering the shop or the area where the advertised content is being sold.

Other uses for the DigiMetric system

  • Measuring staff efficiency;  
  • Optimising staff assignments;  
  • Measuring the response to marketing actions of communication;
  • Monitoring visitors’ behaviour;  
  • Security in the building/selling point;  
  • Increasing the efficiency of the selling point;  

Advantages of the DigiMetric system

  • Innovation;  
  • Ease of use;  
  • High reliability;  
  • Accurate empiric measurements of advertisement view count;
  • Accurate measurements of the time periods with the highest advertisement view rate;
  • Measuring the conversion of potential buyers watching the advertisement into actual buyers; 
  • Real time adaptation of the advertisements to current viewers in front of the display;
  • 100% data protection;  
  • Affordable prices. 




  • Martin Ferfolja, Digivista, raziskave in razvoj, Ltd.

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