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Company HomeOgarden is developing, producing and marketing innovative homeopathic products for organic care of plants and sustainable gardening, as well as other innovative organic products for home and garden. The company’s products are divided into three main groups: h
  1. Homeopathic Pharmacy for plants,
  2. The system of organic fertilizers and substrates Organic selection for plants and
  3. First aid against rodents with organic, innovative products for rodent control.

Business team

The key members of the business team are Aleš Pfeifer, company CEO, responsible for sales and marketing, and Marko Hočevar, R & D director who also covers the field of purchases and finances. Together, they have 30 years of successful experiences in this field, development- and business-wise. They also collaborated in the launch of numerous new brands on various European markets.

Business and market position

The company has five employees who supply 500 points of sale across Slovenia with HomeOgarden products (retail chains, supermarkets, gardening centres…). Throughout the season, they collaborate with more than 30 colleagues in the field of accelerating sales and doing promotional activities in various points of sale. On the domestic market, they have obtained about a 30 % market share in a year and a half of doing business. Their key European markets are Austria and Italy, which they entered recently, as well as Germany and Switzerland, where they are planning to be present in the next year. Last year, they had a 175 thousand euro turnover, which they will more than triple until the end of the year today.

Plans for growth and financing

The long term goal of the company HomeOgarden is to become one of leading European providers of environmentally friendly solutions for the home and garden, which they will achieve with intense marketing, sales and development of new innovative ecological products. They are planning to finance their growth almost exclusively from regular business. As an extra source of start-up funding, they received a subvention of the Slovene Enterprise Fund and they will also be interested in these forms of financing in the future. They also received many offers from professional investors from Slovenia and abroad, but they hadn’t yet decided for this form of financing. The company’s management is planning that until the end of the year, it will ensure all conditions needed for optional rewarding of employees or rather a possibility of their own ownership interest in the company.     

Awards and involvement in the start-up environment

Company HomeOgarden was amongst the five finalists of the competition Start:up Slovenia in 2013 and announced as the Best business Eco Idea of 2013 (organised by the newspaper Finance). Since its establishment, it has been actively collaborating with subjects of the support environment for start-up companies, amongst which the following can be highlighted: Hekovnik with Tomaž Frelih, as this is where the story of the company HomeOgarden began, as well Conivest with Aleš Pustovrh and Technology Park Ljubljana with its professional team, where they are members. 

Image source: homeogarden.com

   Supportive environment

Member: Technology park Ljubljana
Tehnološki park Ljubljana pod svojim okriljem povezuje več kot 290 podjetij. Število članov nenehno narašča, saj vse več podjetij prepoznava prednosti in koristi, ki jih članstvo v takšnem mednarodno usmerjenem podjetniškem in podpornem okolju prinaša. More...

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