The superior lighting innovation that saves up to 85 % of energy
The intelligent system of industrial lighting Reflecta IntelMax is moving the limits of the impossible, as it saves as much as up to 85 % energy.

Company Svetloba from Logatec is appearing under the umbrella brand Reflecta Group, together with five of its companies in Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Croatia and Russia. In the six years since its establishment, it has developed into the leading European provider of intelligent systems of industrial lighting. They have successfully detected and, by quickly implementing high-impact innovations into final products, responded to the trends on their target markets, which are demonstrating an increasingly bigger need for energy savings and ensuring better lighting in the workplaces in the industry.

Up to 22 % of expenses for lighting

The newest research shows that on average, the costs of industrial lighting can amount to as much as 22 % of the entire energy consumption in companies, while this number can be as high as 90 % in logistic and storage centres. So this is a factor that significantly influences the success of a business, whereby a lot of companies don’t manage to efficiently control it and simultaneously ensure a sufficient amount of light in the workplace. Reflecta Group has efficiently answered this problem by developing two intelligent systems of industrial lighting, namely Reflecta IntelLight and Reflecta IntelSens. It is currently successfully marketing them on 11 markets – besides Slovenia also Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Italy, Germany, Russia, Slovakia, Serbia and the United Arab Emirates, while Norway, Australia and South Africa are amongst the new markets planned.

Up to 80 % of savings and a 500 % better lighting

Introducing intelligent systems Reflecta allows users to save from 50 to 80 % of energy in industrial lighting. The amount of annual savings at a production site can amount to 250,000 €, while the costs of investing into Reflecta pay off in two to three years. Both systems are incredibly efficient and have an excellent user experience, ensured by innovative solutions in the field of software (graphical user interface in the cloud, powerful analytical tools) and hardware (sensors and controllers), but especially by the development of their own industrial fluorescent luminaries Reflecta and the know-how when it comes to ensuring the best possible set-up. Thanks to luminaries with high energetic efficiency and to what many experts think is an incredibly high efficiency of luminous flux, the lighting in the workplace is improved to up to 500 %, the productivity is up to 40 % higher, there are up to 50 % fewer work-related errors, the workers are up to 85 % less tired and there are up to 67 % fewer work-related accidents.

From luminaries to smart tools for energy management

Luminaries Reflecta EcoPower and Reflecta Oval are the result of intensive investments into developmental and research work, and collaboration with many development and research institutions. Their optimal simulation of daylight, a significantly longer lifespan and impeccable functioning even under the most extreme conditions (heat, cold, humidity, dust, gases …) led to the leading position on the global scale. The previously-listed factors and the development of the innovative business model have allowed Reflecta Group to upgrade its activity and ensure smart tools for energy management with high investment yield. The users namely pay back for renovation projects with monthly energy savings according to the model “Project Zero – pay as you save”. They have recently also upgraded this model with the “rent-a-light” principle under which the users, similarly to leasing, pay rent for the intelligent lighting system, maintenance included.

To efficient lighting in five steps

Companies that decide for the comprehensive service of Reflecta Group, following the “all in one place” system, can get efficient industrial lighting in five steps:
  1. A cost-free project analysis that shows how much energy the client will save.
  2. Planning on the basis of analysis results, with a free 3D simulation of the optimisation project.
  3. Financing, which also includes help in obtaining non-refundable funds and preparing all technical and contract documentation.
  4. Installation in the shortest possible time and with minimal costs that are as much as 70 % lower from the competition. The installation is simple and as such, even the expert staff of the client can carry it out. It also takes place outside the working hours, which means that all business processes of the client can proceed as usual.
  5. Maintenance and, due to incredibly high quality, a guarantee of up to five years.

IntelSens for logistic centres …

Both systems, Reflecta IntelSens and Reflecta IntelLight, are meticulously adjusted to the needs of different client segments. Reflecta IntelSens is a wireless system for managing and controlling in a computer cloud, and accessing data and analyses via a simple user interface installed on a personal computer and mobile devices. Reflecta Group developed it in collaboration with the logistic centre DB Schenker, on basis of specific conditions in logistic and storage centres, where quick manipulation of goods is of key importance. Due to highly capable sensors that detect presence (of the worker or the forklift with speed of 15 km/h) and its unique protocols for regulating lighting, it provides savings where they were once impossible. Amongst the many advantages of the system we also highlight the possibility of managing and controlling several IntelSens systems from a single place, also suitable for companies with production sites at different locations. It is also possible to oversee break-ins into the object, while users can be warned via text messages as well.

…and IntelLight for the heavy industry

Reflecta IntelLight is a wired version of the intelligent system, suitable to the heavy industry or plants where wiring can be changed. It steers the luminary groups independently one from the other, depending on the time as well on the needs of individual parts of work spaces. It adjusts their dimming or lighting depending on the amount of daylight in a place. Last year, the company collaborated with the international project-sales network, which is in constant contact with the buyers’ needs, and the R & D department, which is actively co-creating the sales policies of the company, and detected the need for combining the main advantages and getting rid of the shortcomings of both systems. Namely they aren’t suitable for fragmented and smaller production sites and logistic companies due to their central management.

A new high-impact project – Reflecta IntelMax 

Since manufacturing processes in many companies are carried out in smaller, fragmented places, the Reflecta Group has set a new high-impact project – developing the system Reflecta IntelMax, where the control unit wirelessly communicates with the serves while directing the luminaries with wires. The innovation, awarded with the golden and silver recognition of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (GZS), also covers all parts of the industrial object, even the smaller and separated places, hallways, offices and external surfaces – for example, streetlights or fence lighting. The new solution thus enables creating savings everywhere where this hadn’t been interesting so far from the aspect of an investment, since the savings were too small. However, the solution is still a match for the hardest industrial conditions. It also gives new business opportunities to Reflecta Group by allowing it to enter the market of public lighting.

A complex project and development from zero

Due to the complexity of the project, Reflecta Group had to completely reconstruct the server application and the firmware, as well as make a new steering unit. They developed the system practically from zero, whereby they strongly benefited from the experience they had gained when using and developing the previous two systems. The system IntelMax, which the company will completely adjust to all specific needs of individual buyers, will probably replace Reflecta IntelSens in time. Up to 50 % of energy savings that are provided by the luminaries themselves additionally lower the consumption of electric energy up to 35 % due to incredibly fast presence detection, attentive regulation of activation and deactivation of luminaries, and precise exploitation of daylight. The possibility of saving 85 % of energy for lighting means that the absolute sum can amount to as much as 500,000 euros at a single production site.

Superiority acknowledged by respectable buyers

The technical superiority of the Reflecta Group systems is proven by many respectable buyers, amongst which we also find industrial giants and brands such as Toyota, Coca-Cola, Kia, Hyundai, Henkel, DB Schenker, Benteler, Zetor, Geberit and many others. On the national floor, there are Impol, Trimo, Xella and a number of other manufacturing and logistic companies. As they emphasise in Reflecta Group, which has already received 13 different innovation awards, the development of each additional percentage of savings above 80 % is pushing the limits of the capabilities of today’s technology. Taken into account that it covers all parts of industrial complexes, Reflecta IntelMax had thus exploited these possibilities to perfection and by maximizing savings, moved the boundaries of the impossible, which will surely also enthuse the potential buyers of the IntelMax system.

On its way to a bright future

Additional savings are now possible exclusively in the field of lighting sources, explains the leading development team of Reflecta Group. They are developing a prototype of a revolutionary luminous body in this field as well, based on the LED technology and eliminating all its shortcomings. The new lighting source Reflecta is aiming to be 30 % more efficient than all currently existing luminaries on the market, while it also additionally opens the possibility of entering the market of ambient lighting to Reflecta Group. If we also take into account that IntelMax is only an intermediate stop on the way to realizing the visionary idea of the perfect smart system that will independently detect and sense its environment, the bright future of the Reflecta Group is ensured as are the incredible savings that they offer to their clients. So if you don’t yet have your own Reflecta system installed, you very likely still have some room for improvement despite the excellence of your company.

References and opinions from satisfied users

Impol: Up to 250,000 euros less annual costs with Reflecta!“We had contacted more providers and gave them all the same starting points and demands: as much savings and as little an investment as possible. We have decided on Reflecta because of the technical perfection of the product and the fact that their solution offered the biggest savings.”
Dominik Strmšek, leader responsible for the project of lighting reconstruction in Impol 
Hyundai Dymos: 64 % less energy consumption with Reflecta IntelLight!“Lock the control box! The automatic system functions perfectly and there is no need for anyone to set it up manually.”
Message from the Czech branch of the Hyundai Motor Group
Trimo: Reflecta helps us save 70,000 euros per year!“We have decided for the project in order to save electricity costs and also contribute to the decrease of the CO2 footprint… The project was successfully implemented in many regards and we are very satisfied with the results, as they even exceed some goals defined for the project.”
Danijel Zupančič, technical director of Trimo
Xella: 32,000 euros of savings per year thanks to Reflecta!“Luminaries Reflecta EcoPower, installed above the autoclave where the temperature can be more than 140 ºC, are still working with efficiency that hadn’t changed at all. The investment paid off in two years, which is very important today, when each competitive element counts.”
Jani Uranič, leader of manufacture and maintenance in Xella Slovenia



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