Vinegar and ketchup as innovative functional foods
By adding antioxidants, co-enzymes Q10 and natural sweetener stevia, the company Apis-Vita transforms products such as vinegar and ketchup into innovative functional foods.
Functional food, already known to Chinese traditional medicine for millennia, has now also become one of the stronger trends in the modern food industry. The idea of food with biologically active functioning that contains added vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and diet fibres, and has a positive influence on individual bodily functions as well as helps maintain good health, had been first introduced in Japan at the start of the eighties. In Europe, Finland is leading in this field, while in Slovenia, company Apis-Vita is the one transforming foods such as vinegar and ketchup into innovative functional food products by adding antioxidants, co-enzyme Q10 and the popular natural sweetener stevia. 

Beneficial to taste buds and good health

As a result of the increasingly faster life tempo with plenty of stress that eats away at health, modern consumers are very much aware of the importance of a healthy diet with food products that are as natural as possible. In order to answer their needs innovatively – beneficially to their taste buds and good health – company Apis-Vita had this spring started developing and testing new products that belong in the group of functional food products with a beneficial influence on health:
  • Matejev natural unfiltered apple cider vinegar with co-enzyme Q10,
  • Matejev natural unfiltered apple cider vinegar with aronia and pomegranate,
  • Matejev balsamic vinegar with aronia and
  • Parczew ketchup Slim & Fit. 

Enthusiastic responses from visitors of the SIAL 2014 fair 

Apis-Vita first introduced itself with the vinegar line Exclusive, also including all functional Matejev vinegars, and with the ketchup Slim & Fit at one of the largest international fairs of the food industry SIAL 2014, which took place in Paris in October this year. They attracted the attention of numerous visitors of the fair with their completely natural unfiltered apple cider vinegar that many books on natural treatment had labelled as a miracle food, listing many therapeutic effects on the digestion, metabolism, skin, blood pressure and increased cholesterol. The visitors have enthusiastically greeted the incorporation of the co-enzyme Q10, which gives energy back to the body and is used in healing cardiovascular diseases, and strong antioxidants from aronia and pomegranate.

Big healing power and unique taste

For a while now, aronia as well as pomegranate have been attributed a large healing power in natural treatment and cosmetics, especially due to their large content of vitamins, minerals and other bio-active matter that protects the organism from free radicals, inhibits diseases and slows down aging. Both apple cider vinegars with functional supplements can thus be used not only for culinary purposes, but also for drinking, making various compressions, lotions, cosmetic masks and similar. The visitors of the fair, where more than 1700 innovative food products from all around the world are introduced each year, have also showed a lot of interest in the new balsamic vinegar with the taste of aronia, which represents a unique gastronomic combination with its sweet and simultaneously bitter taste.

Ketchup Slim & Fit is winning customers’ hearts with stevia

Ketchup Slim & Fit, in which Apis-Vita substituted half of the added sugar with the popular natural sweetener stevia, will also quickly find its way onto the plates. The sweet plant had attracted the attention of the food industry when there was an increased demand for food products with low content of carbon hydrates and sugars. Because it has a negligible effect on glucose in the blood, it is useful as a sweetener for people who have to watch the intake of carbon hydrates in their diet.

First into retail chains, then into the HORECA sector

Apis-Vita, a fast growing company from the vicinity of Fram, specializes in producing natural vinegars and marketing them under their own brand Matejev. It will first offer all its innovative products through their established sales channels, namely large domestic and European chains such as Mercator, Lidl, Spar, E.Leclerc, Tesco, Carrefour, Kaufland, Eurocash and many others. By placing new products into retail chains, Apis-Vita will be able to quickly and efficiently evaluate market and user reactions. If these will be positive, as expected from the great reception at the SIAL 2014 fair, the company will also offer products of the higher price range to clients from the HORECA sector of the food industry.

A successful Slovenian-Polish group

Company Apis-Vita has a 60 % market share on the domestic market with the vinegar it makes for many retail chains. They are also one of the more visible vinegar, mustard and ketchup producers in Poland, where in 2012 they bought the factory Wytwórnia Octu I Musztardy that has been marketing products under the brand name Parczew since 1969. What is also in favour of the successful breakthrough of the Slovenian-Polish products is the fact that the team of company Apis-Vita has not yet detected any natural unfiltered apple cider vinegars with supplements, such as the coenzyme Q10 and extracts of aronia and pomegranate, on the European market. Matejev balsamic vinegar with aronia also has a significant competitive advantage over several European providers due to the traditional way of preparation and high quality of ingredients. Otherwise, all company products are sworn to reaching high quality and certified with ISO 22 000 and IFS Food that Apis-Vita will introduce by the end of this year. 




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