Excellent monitoring of ICT networks and devices
The Monitoring System of company Sfera IT is an innovative and efficient system for monitoring and managing communication networks and devices. Amongst other things, it allows users to quickly predict and decrease outages as well as locate and eliminate errors.

The key to uninterrupted business

Modern medium and large companies with a great number of users and complex communication processes can’t afford doing business without a well-managed IT system. Internet connections in the company, between various business locations and the outside world, is essential for doing uninterrupted and efficient business.

From reactive to proactive maintenance

The innovative application Monitoring system, one of key in-house development projects of Sfera IT, gives the clients and their IT departments a fast and efficient insight into networks, servers and other devices, as well as operating systems, apps and databases. The app doesn’t only ensure uninterrupted performance and service quality to the customers, but also has other crucial use values, namely:
  • Effective prediction and decrease of network outages
  • Shorter reaction times due to a fast and efficient manner of locating errors and eliminating them
  • Less need for a standby team due to an effective alarm system
  • Easier planning of the necessary network upgrades in the times of increased data flow
  • Analysis of the need for new investments into the communication network and the rest of the IT infrastructure
  • Passage from reactive to proactive infrastructure management. 

Engrotuš is supervising 400 devices

There are many satisfied clients using Sfera IT’s Monitoring system. Amongst them are also bigger Slovenian companies and organisations, such as Engrotuš (400 working devices), University of Maribor (200 working devices), Blood Transfusion Centre of Slovenia (160 working devices), Dravske Elektrarne Maribor (100 devices), Gorenje Surovina, Elektro Maribor and others.

How exactly does it work?

Monitoring system is centralized and set up in Sfera IT’s cloud, which allows the company and its customers to check devices from all over the world, from practically any location with access to a data transfer network. The system is designed modularly and its main components are a control, a graphic, a statistic and an analytic module. The state of the device and the connection to the information system can be shown in the form of text, namely statuses, or graphically. The system also takes into account all the vital parameters of an individual device connected to the network, and allows the user to check state history, for example the duration of the internet connection.

Monitoring via a PC, tablet or phone

The monitored data can be shown on various devices (personal computer, tablet, smartphone…). Amongst the advantages of the programme package is also the overview of network services (ping, SMTP, POP3, HTTP) and local sources (workload of storage, processor, hard drive, network sources).

The competitors are more expensive and less adaptable

Company Sfera IT sensed that the opportunity for developing and selling Monitoring system mostly lies in their incredible proactivity and focus on solving actual needs and problems of their clients. When working with medium and large companies doing business at several locations, they thus found that the latter urgently need specifically adapted control tools, because those currently on the market are either too expensive for them or can’t be adjusted to their specific needs easily.

Agility is an advantage

“Clients value our active care, especially when we find that something doesn’t work for them ourselves,” says Renato Pulko, CEO of company Sfera IT. The company is planning to continue to specialize in monitoring apps that would reach the same or similar target customers. The product will mostly help app developers, who will be able to measure where their processes are stopping. Even though competition on this market is very strong, Sfera IT is well aware of its advantages. The small but highly qualified company is focused on customers and proactively solving their problems – a focus that will also lead all their future development projects, including ones in the field of apps for IP telephony and unified communications.

Their reputation is spreading fast and far

Company Sfera IT and its approach to consulting, installing and managing comprehensive IT solutions also convinced esteemed domestic clients, such as Telekom Slovenia, Engrotuš, Iskon Internet, Elektro Maribor, Probanka, Blood Transfusion Centre of Slovenia, University of Maribor, General Logistic Systems, Farmicom and many others. They don’t spend much time on advertising, since good reputation about their quality, reliability and kindness is travelling fast and far. “Those who know what they are searching for, always find us,” says Pulko with a laugh and predicts the imminent expansion of the company to Croatia and Serbia as well as the entire CEE region.



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